Authorization Letter for Passport Template

Authorization Letter for Passport Template

What Is an Authorization Letter for a Passport?

An Authorization Letter for a Passport is a statement prepared by the person who wishes to permit someone else to collect their passport on their behalf. Once you are informed the passport is ready for collection - via a text message or online - you may receive it yourself or permit another person to get this document. A printable Authorization Letter for Passport template can be found through the link below.

Alternate Name:

  • Passport Collection Authorization Letter.

Whether you are busy at work or there is an emergency that prevents you from receiving your passport from the acceptance facility or consulate, you need to permit the other person to collect your documentation; otherwise, a passport in a sealed envelope will not be handed over to a third party. When you sign this document, you are trusting another person - your representative - with sensitive information, so make sure you only authorize the individual you trust. There is no need to call a passport office in advance to warn them someone else will be representing you - a properly completed Letter of Authorization for a passport you give to your family member, friend, or formal representative is enough.


How to Write an Authorization Letter for a Passport?

Follow these steps to prepare a Passport Authorization Letter:

  1. Keep the letter short and concise. There is no need to explain why you are unable to be present and collect the passport - you can authorize another individual for any reason or without it.
  2. Introduce yourself and write down your relevant address. You may also add your telephone number and email so that the authorities contact you in case there are any concerns or issues.
  3. Certify your intention to let the other person receive your passport on your behalf.
  4. Name the individual you authorize to collect the passport and add their address if they will receive the document by mail. If you are working with the agency that represents your interests, you should also enter the name of the agency and record their contact information.
  5. If you know the details of your passport, include them in the letter to make the identification easier.
  6. Since the collection of the passport in person cannot be done without documentation that confirms the right of the individual to get this document, you may list documents the authorized person will demonstrate to get the passport - not only their identification and the original authorization but also a receipt that permits you or your representative to collect the passport. If you were given an application number, record it in the letter - it will also facilitate the process of collection.
  7. State the duration of the authorization - you can fill out the letter which gives the third party permission to collect the passport during a specified period of time.
  8. Sign the letter and give it to your representative to sign as well.

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