Sample Personal Injury Demand Letter

Sample Personal Injury Demand Letter

What Is a Personal Injury Demand Letter?

A Personal Injury Demand Letter is a statement sent by an individual who has suffered a physical injury to a person or organization responsible for this harm with a request for compensation. Whether you were in a car accident, slip and fall accident, or you got hurt when an employee of the store injured you or someone's dog bit you, this formal document can be the first step to demand compensation for physical and sometimes even emotional damages inflicted upon you.

Additionally, a written claim can prevent a complicated and costly trial process which may be unwelcome for either party. Using this letter, you will be able to handle the matter outside of court, release the other party from any liability for the injury, and receive compensation to pay for medical expenses and lost wages. You can download a Sample Personal Injury Demand Letter below.


How to Write a Demand Letter for Personal Injury?

Here is how you compose a Demand Letter for Personal Injury:

  1. Introduce yourself and add your contact information.
  2. State the reason for writing and describe all the details that surround the accident and injury in question in chronological order . You can outline the medical treatment you have received and mention future medical procedures that may be necessary as recommended by your doctor. Support your claim by attaching related documentation - police reports, physician's statements, medical invoices, photographs, affidavits from witnesses, etc.
  3. Request a settlement - you can include medical costs, the revenue you have lost, emotional damages.
  4. Indicate the date by which you will be expecting compensation for damages . Usually, two weeks or a month are considered a reasonable Personal Injury Demand Letter Response Time. You can also enter the details of your bank account if you are sure the recipient of the letter will be prepared to provide compensation right away.
  5. Thank the breaching party for their time and offer them to contact you if they have any questions or issues.

Your packet can be quite heavy if you choose to submit supporting documentation. Instead of demanding justice via e-mail which saves time and money, it is highly recommended to send this document via certified mail to obtain evidence that the letter was received by the breaching party. Retain your own copy of the demand letter and the return receipt in your claim file - it may come in handy if the breaching party decides to ignore your demand or tries to get out of this situation without having to pay.

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Download Sample Personal Injury Demand Letter

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