Letter of Intent for Job Template

Letter of Intent for Job Template

What Is a Letter of Intent for a Job?

A Letter of Intent for a Job is a supplemental document attached by a job candidate to their job application and resume to let the hiring manager know more about the professional experience of the potential employee and highlight why this individual should be chosen for the position in question. It is highly recommended to prepare a brief statement that shows the person in charge of hiring you will be a good fit for the company and your skills are perfectly in line with the requirements of the job.

You can download a printable Letter of Intent for a Job template through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • Job Letter of Intent;
  • Letter of Intent for a Job Opening.

Note that the Letter of Intent for a Job should greet the recipient (if you do not know the hiring manager's name, make sure you write down the name of the company or department correctly), identify the job applicant, describe their education, and professional experience, and explain why this candidate wants to choose this particular organization for employment.


How to Write a Letter of Intent for a Job?

Here are the steps you should follow when composing a Job Letter of Intent:

  1. Before you start writing, learn more about the company. It is possible they offer their own templates for you to use when applying for a job or they demand the inclusion of particular information they need to know about you. The more you know about the business, the better you can shape your letter to fit the idea of the candidate the company has in mind.
  2. Start with an appropriate introduction. You should include the name and title of the individual you are sending the documentation to in a Letter of Intent for a Job opening - use a simple salutation "Dear (name)". If you cannot find the name of the recipient, address the letter to a department or the company as a whole.
  3. Introduce yourself and indicate the reason for writing. It is recommended to inform the reader about the purpose of the letter right away.
  4. Devote the main part of your letter to your qualifications. List the qualities that make you unique and, from your perspective, give you an advantage over other candidates.
  5. Explain why you are interested in a particular profession or industry, what motivated and inspired you. This is especially important if this is your first job or you opted for a career change.
  6. Describe your education - write down the degrees and certifications you have obtained and the names of the educational institutions you have attended.
  7. Outline your previous work experience focusing on duties that will be relevant to the new position as well.
  8. Enter other skills that single you out - your technical skills, language proficiency, volunteer work. If you can attach documentation that proves your accomplishments, send them with the application and the Letter of Intent.
  9. Demonstrate that your recruitment will be for the benefit of the organization. Show that the qualifications you have mentioned earlier make you the perfect candidate for the job and once again reiterate your interest in the position;
  10. Thank the recipient of the document for their time and attention. Add your contact details, offer to stay in touch in case the reader has any questions or concerns, and sign the letter.

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