Internship Evaluation Form - Big Table

Internship Evaluation Form - Big Table

What Is an Internship Evaluation Form?

An Internship Evaluation Form is an evaluation form completed by a superior staff member (usually a supervisor) that has worked closely with an individual on an internship. The form is usually filled in at the end of an internship and the main purpose of the Internship Evaluation is to provide the individual that has completed the internship, with constructive feedback about their experience during the internship.

Alternate Name:

  • Internship Performance Evaluation.

However, these forms are not strictly limited to just supervisors. It may well be that the interns are given the evaluation form to self-evaluate and provide their own feedback in terms of what was useful, what experience they gained and maybe also provide ideas for future improvements. Either way, regardless of who is filling in the evaluation form - the criteria that need to be evaluated remain the same.

The questions set out in the evaluation form should be clear, concise, and unambiguous. Carefully think about the questions you want to include and the wording. The questions should aim to collect all of the necessary information you want to obtain about the internship and progress of the individual.

An Internship Evaluation template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write an Internship Evaluation?

If it is now time to write up the internship evaluation, you should know that the best way to fill in this form is so that the feedback is as constructive and useful as possible. Consider the following tips and hints below:

  • Think about how the intern performed based on what was stated in the description of their position. Did they meet all of the responsibilities? Were some done better or worse than others?;
  • Discuss the expectations that you had of the intern and whether the expectations were met or not;
  • Outline all of the positive notes that can be said about the intern and their work. Talk about which skill set you were most impressed with;
  • Give constructive feedback if there were any areas where the intern struggled or if responsibilities were carried out poorly. Instead of just simply listing the faults - offer some recommendations so that the intern knows how to eradicate these issues and handle them better in the future;
  • If the intern could benefit from further additional training in certain areas, give the intern this option and explain what benefits the intern could experience from taking part in training.

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