Medical Student Evaluation Form

Medical Student Evaluation Form

What Is a Medical Student Evaluation?

A Medical Student Evaluation is a document formed to evaluate the performance of a medical student. The main aim of the evaluation is to evaluate how well a student has achieved specific educational tasks within a medical school establishment.

Alternate Names:

  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation;
  • Medical Student Evaluation Form.

The document does not act as a recommendation and is usually formed midway through the final academic year. This evaluation is often requested when a medical student starts applying for residency programs, an opportunity for a freshly graduated medical student to gain some crucial hands on experience in the medical field that is most interesting to them. This evaluation is an extremely important part of the process as it outlines a student's academic performance during their entire attendance at the medical school. Needless to say that such programs are extremely competitive and not so easy to get into.

Of course, the document may also be required in other instances such as if an individual decides to become a permanent resident or for individuals wanting to continue training after completing a residency program.

A Medical Student Evaluation template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write a Medical Student Evaluation?

Writing a correctly formed Medical Student Evaluation could be the difference between a medical student getting onto their chosen residency program or missing out. For this reason, you need to be certain that all of the correct, relevant information is included within the evaluation.

We have made a list that includes all of the important factors that need to be taken into account which can be found below:

  • The first thing you should do is start by adding the name of the student along with any of their relevant details;
  • The next section should detail any unique characteristics that can be said about the medical student. Here you should avoid making general comments that are not specific. Try to keep all comments brief but concise;
  • After this, you should clearly detail the academic history of the student. The academic history should include information from the start of the academic year all the way up to the current time of filling in the application;
  • After mentioning the academic history, move on to focus talking about any academic progress that a student has made both pre-clinical and during their clerkship. These comments should be fair and balanced, if the student has some weaknesses in specific areas then this information should be specified;
  • The final section should detail a brief summary which includes a final verdict from the supervisor in regards to the studied curriculum. The supervisor should sign, print their name and date the document.

One thing to look out for which is not considered favorable is to make predictions about the future. You should avoid making comments such as "I am sure that [name] will be an amazing doctor in…" Such comments do not hold any weight and do not give any important information regarding the student or their academic progress.

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