Employee Background Check Authorization Form

Employee Background Check Authorization Form

What Is an Employee Background Check Form?

An Employee Background Check Form is a document that expresses the consent of a worker and given to their employer to perform a background screening on them. The purpose of the application is to provide an employer with a written agreement for a screening, which cannot be completed without it.

Alternate Name:

  • Employee Background Check Authorization Form.

The document is generally used by an employer before they make a final job offer to a prospective worker and would like to evaluate the information about them. However, the screening can be done after hiring an individual as well. A printable Employee Background Check Form can be downloaded below.


What Does an Employee Background Check Consist of?

An Employee Background Check is the process of screening an individual. It usually consists of verifying different types of data, which may include the following:

  1. Criminal Records . A hirer can screen if an individual has any criminal history that they need to be made aware of.
  2. Information About the Occupation . Screening job history will verify if the information presented in the applicant's resume is valid.
  3. Driving Records and Vehicle Registration . This type of screening is especially important for those hirers who work with transport, knowing if a candidate has any driving misdemeanors will have a big impact on their occupation.
  4. Data About Education . This type of screening will validate the information about a filer's education, designated in their resume.

Nevertheless, a hirer can broaden or narrow down the amount of information they would like to screen. To perform a background screening, an employer should request an individual to fill in the Employee Background Check Authorization Form, which consists of parts, such as:

  1. Personal Information . In the first part of the document, a filer should designate their full name, date of birth, social security number, and any other names they use (including maiden name).
  2. Information about a vehicle . Here applicants must state information connected with their vehicle, including driver's license number, issue state, description of their vehicle, and vehicle identification number.
  3. Contact Information . Filers use this part to enter their current address, email address, and phone number. A hirer may also request their worker to provide information about their previous addresses.
  4. Authorization . In the last part of the application, a filer must express their consent to screening by authorizing representatives of their employer to gather information about them. An applicant must also authorize all entities and individuals that can help the screening to release information about them.

How to Do a Background Check on an Employee?

Performing a background screening is a straightforward process, however, an employer should follow certain steps to make it right. These steps include:

  1. State Law Check . The first thing an employer should do is consult with a local lawyer to screen if there are any state regulations concerning this process. Most states allow background screening, however, there can be some restrictions regarding the time frame of the data that can be requested or types of information which considered to be confidential.
  2. Candidate's Consent . Requesting consent is one of the most important steps in a candidate's screening process since without it the background screening is considered to be illegal.
  3. Performing a Screening . Generally, an employer can perform the screening themselves or use Employee Background Check Services. Agencies that provide such kind of services should work in accordance with the state laws, as well as federal regulations.
  4. Reviewing Results . Looking over the report will help an employer decide whether an individual will make a good fit in the team. Analyzing the results of the screening should be enough to make the right decision.

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