Drug Testing Consent Form

Drug Testing Consent Form

What Is a Drug Testing Consent Form?

A Drug Testing Consent Form is typically issued by an employer to check their staff or potential staff for drug use.

Alternate Name:

  • Drug Test Consent Form.

The form is signed by the employee (or somebody going through the interview stage) to confirm that they are happy to give a sample to test for drugs. These samples can include hair, saliva, blood, or urine which will be tested against common types of drugs categories. Unfortunately, the samples will not return a positive sample for all drugs that exist in nature - this would be extremely expensive and a timely procedure.

If an employer suspects that a member of staff is involved in drug use - they also reserve the right to request a drug test from an employee. Of course, the employee is not obliged to comply and they can refuse the test and will not sign any consent forms. However, in this instance, the employer can legally terminate the contract of the employee and dismiss them from work.

Some employers opt to have consistent random checks within their company. This will greatly discourage employees from being involved in drug use as they risk randomly being selected, testing positive, and losing their job. This method only works if checks are genuinely random and occur at regular intervals.

A Drug Test Consent Form template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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