Credit Report Authorization Form

Credit Report Authorization Form

What Is a Credit Report Authorization Form?

A Credit Report Authorization Form is a typed or handwritten document completed to provide consent to a potential lender to learn more about the prospective borrower's credit history. Before the lender can request a Credit Reference Form from any business or person the borrower has had a professional relationship with, they must obtain written consent of the person whose financial details they will examine.

Before the lender can send a Credit Reference Request Form - a document designed to seek references from the borrower's counterparts and former banks - the borrower has to fill out a special authorization. This consent to disclose personal information may clarify which records can be shared and specify the purpose of the disclosure.

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How to Fill Out a Credit Report Authorization Form?

Follow these steps to complete a Credit Report Authorization Form:

  1. Write down your personal information - full name, date of birth, and social security number. To facilitate identification, you can also add your driver's license number and addresses of the past 5-10 years - it will provide the lender with alternative ways to verify your credit history, especially if you have used different names in the past.
  2. Enter the full name of the individual or business name of the entity that gets permission to obtain a credit report on you. Note that they will have to provide identification when using the authorization.
  3. Confirm your authorization for any financial institutions, former employers and landlords, governmental agencies, and individuals - any person or company must make your personal details, including driving and criminal history available for the authorized individual or organization indicated in the form.
  4. Sign and date the authorization. This document can be valid both in original and copy form - however, it is better to submit an original authorization - a copy will most likely not be accepted during the background check. Usually, a Credit Report Authorization is valid for a year, but you can state its exact expiration date if you want to. You can also revoke your authorization at any time to cease future disclosures and checks.

A Credit Report Authorization Form for tenants is often used to complement a Rental Application. This kind of document allows the future landlord to check the credit history of the potential tenant. Unlike an authorization for a moneylender, bank, or some other financial institution, it will involve a fee to cover expenses of the landlord who will personally or with the help of a special agency perform a background check of the tenant. A tenant's authorization also lists other occupants who will live along with a tenant, describes their relationship, records the tenant's employment history (past jobs and current employment, including salary information), and contains several references of people that can confirm a tenant is a reliable person.

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