What Is an Interview Thank You Letter?

An Interview Thank You Letter is a type of letter that can be sent by a candidate after they have attended an interview. The purpose of the document is to express gratitude for the time that the potential employer has spent during the interview. By sending the letter, the candidate will continue making a good impression and their chances to get the job can rise.

Alternate Names:

  • Thank You for the Interview Letter; 
  • Thank You Interview Letter; 
  • After Interview Thank You Letter.

Even though an Interview Thank You Letter itself will not determine the decision whether the candidate will be approved or not, it will definitely have a positive impact on the outcome of the situation. A well-written letter supported by a list of documents that prove the candidate’s abilities increase their chances to be accepted.

Interview Thank You Letter Types 

  1. Generic Interview Thank You Letter. Fill out this template to tell the person who interviewed you for a job about your interest in the position and explain once again why you can be the perfect fit for the company in question. Briefly list the qualifications that make you stand out among other job applicants and clarify any issues that may have been raised during the interview.
  2. Sample Medical School Interview Thank You Letter. If your goal is to enroll in a medical school, after you were interviewed by the board of admissions, you should send them a brief note of gratitude for taking their time to get to know you better. Refer to the program that interests you most and add your contact information to let the letter reader reach out to you if necessary.
  3. Sample Thank You Letter After Interview. You may use this letter for reference when composing your own message of gratitude for the human resources department representative. Greet the recipient, identify yourself, thank the interviewer for providing you with an opportunity to get hired or enrolled, and tell them you hope to hear from them soon.

How to Write a Thank You Letter After an Interview?

A Thank You for the Interview Letter should be written in a cordial manner. The candidate should use the letter as an opportunity to show themselves as a polite and tactful individual, who demonstrates their worth and value to their interviewer. While expressing gratitude for the interview, the candidate should not be overly emotional since it is important to keep the tone professional. 

The letter should be short, the candidate should not make it longer than one page. It should provide all of the important information about the candidate and the interview they attended, yet not be too wordy or overloaded with details. The candidate can underline important things, however, they should try to avoid unnecessary repetitions.

While writing the reasons why the candidate will be a good fit, they should be more particular and mention specific things rather than talking in general terms. The letter should be addressing this special occasion instead of providing generic information suitable for any interview. 

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"Interview Thank You Letter Template"

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This is a letter sent by a job applicant to their potential employee after they have attended an interview.

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Thank You Letter Template Letters

Sample "Medical School Interview Thank You Letter"

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1 page

An individual may use this type of letter after they have attended an interview at a medical school to show their appreciation to the interviewer and thank them for the interview.

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Thank You Letter Template Letters

Sample "Thank You Letter After Interview"

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1 page

A job applicant may prepare this letter after a job interview and submit it to the hiring manager to show gratitude for the potential employment opportunity and reiterate interest in the position they are applying for.

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Thank You Letter Template Letters