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What Is an Interview Thank You Letter?

An Interview Thank You Letter is a type of a letter that can be sent by a candidate after they have attended an interview. The purpose of the document is to express gratitude for the time that the potential employer has spent during the interview. By sending the letter, the candidate will continue making a good impression and their chances to get the job can rise.

Alternate Names:

  • Thank You for the Interview Letter;
  • After Interview Thank You Letter;

The thank-you note can be sent not only after a job interview but in various situations as well. For example, a Medical School Interview Thank You Letter can be used after the candidate has been interviewed at a medical school. Generally, almost any kind of interview where a candidate is applying for a position, tuition, or membership can be followed by this type of letter. The letter is another opportunity for the candidate to influence the decision of their interviewer.

Even though an Interview Thank You Letter itself will not determine the decision whether the candidate will be approved or not, it will definitely have a positive impact on the outcome of the situation. A well-written letter supported by a list of documents that prove the candidate’s abilities increase their chances to be accepted.

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What to Include in a Thank You Letter After an Interview?

It is up to the candidate about what to include in their Thank You Interview Letter, however, it can contain parts such as:

  • Introduction. In the first part of the document, the candidate should state the date and who they are addressing by mentioning the name of the interviewer and their organization, their location, telephone number, and email. Here they should also introduce themselves by stating their name; 
  • The Purpose of the Letter. Here candidates should express the main point of the letter by thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to demonstrate their value during the interview. It is important to be particular when mentioning the interview and state the date and time when it was held so that the interviewer will understand which candidate has sent the thank you note;
  • Information About the Candidate. In this part of the letter, the candidate can remind the interviewer why they will be a good fit. They can refer to their work experience, personal qualities, professional skills, or other things depending on what they are applying for. Here the candidate can also bring up or explain some statements that they have made during the interview if they think it will help to improve their situation;
  • Contact Information. In order to make it easier for the interviewer to contact them, the candidate can provide their contact information in a separate section of the letter. Here they can state their postal address, telephone number, and email;
  • Signature. To confirm the information designated in the letter, the candidate should sign it. If it is a thank you email, then it will be enough for the candidate to put their name at the end of the email.

The candidate can include other parts in the letter as well. Its content depends on the type of interview the candidate has attended, whether the candidate is addressing a potential employer, school, or another type of organization, and other circumstances of the situation.

How to Write a Thank You Letter After an Interview?

A Thank You for the Interview Letter should be written in a cordial manner. The candidate should use the letter as an opportunity to show themselves as a polite and tactful individual, who demonstrates their worth and value to their interviewer. While expressing gratitude for the interview, the candidate should not be overly emotional since it is important to keep the tone professional. 

The letter should be short, the candidate should not make it longer than one page. It should provide all of the important information about the candidate and the interview they attended, yet not be too wordy or overloaded with details. The candidate can underline important things, however, they should try to avoid unnecessary repetitions.

While writing the reasons why the candidate will be a good fit, they should be more particular and mention specific things rather than talking in general terms. The letter should be addressing this special occasion instead of providing generic information suitable for any interview. 

When to Write a Thank You Letter After an Interview?

There are no strict rules about when an After Interview Thank You Letter should be completed and sent to the interviewer. Considering the fact that the candidate would not know when the decision whether they have been accepted or not will be made, it is recommended that they start writing the letter as soon as possible after the interview is over.

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Sample "Medical School Interview Thank You Letter"

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An individual may use this type of letter after they have attended an interview at a medical school to show their appreciation to the interviewer and thank them for the interview.

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Thank You Letter Letters

Sample "Thank You Letter After Interview"

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Size: 58 KB
1 page

A job applicant may prepare this letter after a job interview and submit it to the hiring manager to show gratitude for the potential employment opportunity and reiterate interest in the position they are applying for.

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Thank You Letter Letters

"Interview Thank You Letter Template"

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Thank You Letter Letters