Service Quote Template

Service Quote Template

A Service Quote is a document formed between a client and a business that agrees to provide a certain service for financial compensation. The terms of this, particularly the total sum and any associated deadlines should all be included in this document, as agreed by both parties.

Alternate Name:

  • Service Quotation

What Is a Quote for Services?

Apart from the total sum, the Quote for Services also includes all the separate broken down charges which made up the total sum. It is important to understand that once both parties agree, the quote cannot be changed easily. In order to do this, both parties must be in agreement to make modifications to the Service Quote and must confirm this in written form.

Quotes in business need to be carefully planned out and there are several things to take into account. For more details about quotations in business, refer to our previous post What Is a Quote in Business? by clicking the link.

A Service Quote template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Quote a Job?

Quoting a job has to be efficient in terms of time and of a high standard. This is the first step to working with a new customer and the way you go about this will reflect your business as a whole. If it looks unprofessional and has errors, customers will assume that you run your business in the same way. On the other hand, if it is highly detailed and specific, this will reflect positively and will help you secure a contract.

The quicker you send a quote, the better. A quote should include a detailed list of all tasks or goods involved in a project along with their price. If there are additional fees that are required such as waste removal services that are not directly linked to the job itself but are needed in order to complete the job, you should include this in your quote. To make your quote more professional, you should use pictures (particularly if you are listing goods) so that the client knows exactly what they are being quoted for. The more detail you provide, the higher the chance that a client will opt to sign a contract with you.

How to Write a Quote for Services?

Writing a Quote for Services is not difficult but requires thought and detail. To write up a successful quote, ensure that it contains the following pointers:

  • Make it clear what the document is. Title it "Quote" and add your company name, slogan, and logo. You can also include contact details of your company including address, telephone numbers, and emails so that the client can get in touch quickly should this be required.
  • Enter the quote or invoice number along with the date of when the quote was issued and an expiration date. Expiry dates are important because in a short space of time, the prices of raw materials can shoot up. You don't want a client to get back in touch 6 months later who expects you to provide the same service for the same fee which may in fact not be cost-effective at all for you anymore. It also helps the customer to reach a decision faster.
  • Include the details of the company or individual that you are sending the quote to. This should cover their name and contact details as well as a customer ID number to better keep track of quotes.
  • Provide details of the jobs involved in concluding a project. This should cover any potential due dates and terms of payments.
  • Below this, you can outline the cost and quantity of materials or services (including additional services) associated with the job.
  • Provide a final subtotal (pre and post-tax) along with the details of who the quote was prepared by.
  • Leave room for a client to sign if they agree with the terms and the price of the quote.

How to Request a Quote for Services?

Naturally, as customers, it is important to make sure we are getting the most for our money and ensuring that the prices we pay are fair. Although it may be easy to find companies that will carry out the services you require, what is more difficult is to find out how much it will cost. For this reason, a customer may want to request a quote.

The best way to do this is in written form, that way the customer is guaranteed not to have any adjustments made to a quote. The more details provided the more accurate quote you will have. Try to be as specific as possible and remain formal. Get straight to the point of what you want. Include the services, deadlines, locations, material preferences, and any other information that could be useful for a company to give the most accurate quote. Once a company issues a quote, the price will remain unchanged, providing that your requirements do not change.

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