Maintenance Request Form - White

Maintenance Request Form - White

What Is a Maintenance Request Form?

A Maintenance Request Form is a document that can be used by a tenant when they want to request maintenance for the place they live. The purpose of the document is to inform a landlord (or property manager) about any issues with the property and request that they be fixed. A printable Maintenance Request Form template can be downloaded through the link below.

Alternate Name:

  • Maintenance Request Letter.

With help of an apartment Maintenance Request Form, a landlord will receive from their tenants organized information about what exactly needs to be repaired. It will provide all of the necessary details that will prepare the landlord and help them decide whether they need to hire contractors or handle the repair themselves. To simplify the process, a landlord can provide their tenants with the opportunity to file the request in person or online.


How to Write a Maintenance Request Letter?

When developing a Maintenance Request Form for their tenants, landlords should include several sections that will describe the situation properly. These sections include the following:

  1. Introduction. The document should start with a descriptive title that will state its nature. It will help not to confuse maintenance requests with other documents that may come from tenants to the landlord (or property manager).
  2. Information About the Landlord (or Property Manager). Here, the landlord can designate the full name and the address where a tenant can submit their request and other documents.
  3. Date. In this part of the document, the tenant is supposed to fill in the date when the request has been completed. Usually, the requests are supposed to be taken care of within seven days of filing, stating the date will help to fulfill the request in a timely fashion.
  4. Tenant's Information. Tenants can use this part of the request to indicate their full name, property address, telephone number, and email. This information will be useful for a landlord since they will know the unit address that needs maintenance and the tenant's contact details.
  5. Service Details. Here, tenants can depict any issues they have faced in their unit. Usually, the requests are used to report unit problems like a broken pipe, no hot water, gas odor, no electricity, etc. The tenant should not only state the problem but make it as descriptive as possible. For example, they can indicate when the problem has appeared, what could have caused it, and what it has lead to.
  6. Permission Section. This part of the request can be used by the tenant to give the landlord permission to do the repair work as soon as possible. It can help save time and start fixing the problem without sending a notice of entry.
  7. Tenant's Signature. After the tenant has filled out the blanks, they should sign it. It will state that the information presented in the request is true and correct.

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