Sponsorship Proposal Template

Sponsorship Proposal Template

What Is a Sponsorship Proposal?

A Sponsorship Proposal is a formal offer to do business that is sent by an individual or organization who is seeking to form a partnership with an organization. Sponsorships may be sought after to acquire funding, marketing opportunities, or other resources. In order to secure sponsors, the Sponsorship Proposal letter must be clear, persuasive, and targeted. The proposal must benefit all parties.

Two common types of Sponsorship Proposals are corporate and business Sponsorship Proposals.

  1. Corporate Sponsorship Proposals are sent to for-profit companies requesting money, goods, or services for an event or program in exchange for promotional benefits, visibility, or other advertisement.
    • This type of proposal is typically sent by non-profits. For example, a little league team having the local pizza chain's brand on their jerseys. The pizza company is a sponsor for that team;
    • Non-profit partnerships benefit corporations because it enhances their brand image, brand awareness, and demographic reach.
  2. Business Sponsorship Proposals are sent by a business to another business.
    • Prior to coming to an agreement, businesses may need time to negotiate the sponsorship itself, plan for its execution which may include creating the sponsorship enforcement task force, as well as assess the potential successes and losses;
    • Similar to corporate sponsorships, businesses enter partnerships to boost their brand image, brand awareness, and audience demographic in exchange for providing resources.

A Sponsorship Proposal template can be downloaded here.


How to Write a Sponsorship Proposal?

Prior to writing your Sponsorship Proposal, there are strategies to employ in order to ensure the letter is concise and clear.

  1. The first strategy is to know your personnel.
    • It is critical to understand your individual or organizational values, mission statement, and objectives;
    • It is also important to know what you bring to the table;
    • By identifying these things, you are capable of choosing a sponsor that shares similar core values and can convey what your organizational goals are to them.
  2. The second step is to research your potential sponsor(s).
    • What are their marketing objectives?;
    • Who and how have they sponsored in the past?;
    • Do you share values, objectives, or target audiences?;
    • Do they have the resources you need?;
    • All of these questions and more are great places to start your search.
  3. Now that you have a few potential sponsors, you need to execute a proper strategy to get the sponsorship proposal approved.
    • It may benefit you to create a relationship with any potential sponsors prior to making a proposal for sponsorship;
    • Specifically, you would want to facilitate a trusting relationship with the individual who can approve your sponsorship proposal. This relationship will be one that serves your mutual interests. You want to send your sponsorship proposal letter to them directly;
    • In order to identify or reach out to this person you can employ various methods: cold calling, sending unique snail mail, taking advantage of sponsorship websites, networking, and being referred via word of mouth.

How to Write a Proposal Letter for Sponsorship?

When writing a Proposal Letter for Sponsorship you should write with a formal tone, avoid grammatical and spelling errors, and stay on topic.

The following components are things that should be included in your proposal letter for sponsorship:

  • The date;
  • The name, proper title of the recipient, and address of the sponsor;
  • Start with your reason for writing the sponsor. This is a synopsis of who you are, what your organization does, your experience, and the benefits of the sponsorship;
  • Clearly state your marketing objectives and measurable goals;
  • Emphasize the value the partnership would have for the sponsor. Let them know you did your research;
  • If seeking a sponsor for a project or event, provide a financial document or budget and projected outcomes. Include information that will speak to the sponsor's interests. For example, a target audience;
  • Encourage your potential sponsors to give you feedback. This shows that you care what they like and dislike, you are flexible and open to change, and that you genuinely want all parties to benefit;
  • Provide your contact information (phone number/email);
  • End the letter with a formal closing, your name, as well as your signature.

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