Acknowledgment Form

Acknowledgment Form

An Acknowledgment Form is a sworn statement that can be used by a notary or a notarial officer to confirm that a certain individual put their signature on a particular document. The purpose of the document is to verify the identity of an individual and confirm that they have signed the document willingly.

Alternate Name:

  • Notary Acknowledgment Form.

If an individual wants their signature on a contract (or on another document) to be validated, then they are supposed to sign it in the presence of a public notary. The notary, after witnessing the signature and verifying the individual's identity, will sign the acknowledgment document and give it to the contract signer. A Notary Acknowledgment Form template can be downloaded below.

Generally, when an individual would like to confirm their signature with this kind of verification tool they are required to pay a fee to the notary. The fee depends on the place where the notary and the individual are located, the number of names and signatures that are to be verified, whether the administering oath is required, and so on.

A Notary Acknowledgement Form can contain the date of acknowledgment, information about the public notary that conducted the acknowledgment, state and county where the acknowledgment took place, the name of the individual whose signature has been acknowledged, and other details.

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