Payment Receipt Letter Template

Payment Receipt Letter Template

What Is a Payment Receipt Letter?

A Payment Receipt Letter is a typed or handwritten document that confirms the acceptance of payment for monetary transactions of any size. Whether you received payment on time or only after several reminders and notices, it is a good idea to verify the acceptance of the money and create a paper trail that can be useful to both parties in their future dealings.

You can benefit from this letter if you are a business manager, sales associate, or a representative of the financial institution who has to email or send via certified mail numerous acknowledgments of payments to various parties. Landlords may send this document to their tenants every month once they get a cash or online rent payment. It is also possible to draft the letter after a financial institution or a money lender receives a loan payment or advance payment for any financial services already rendered or promised in the future.

Consider drafting a Letter of Receipt of Payment for two reasons:

  1. Tell the customer or business partner that you have received their payment. Often entities and individuals ask for this letter from their vendor to have evidence of the payment acceptance they can use later to prevent any misunderstandings and be prepared for any kind of audit.
  2. Advertise your goods or services once again. It is recommended to follow up every transaction with a letter to build a good professional relationship and personal rapport with a counterpart - it will motivate them to continue business operations with your company.

You can download a Payment Receipt Letter template through the link below.


How to Write a Letter of Receipt of Payment?

Only write and send the letter when you are sure the payment has been processed and you have proof of that. Follow these steps to compose a Receipt Letter for Payment:

  1. Indicate your business name and contact information.
  2. State the name of the letter recipient.
  3. Write down a simple phrase of acknowledgment - for instance, "We have received your payment."
  4. Identify the payment - you need to state which services or goods have been paid for and when exactly you received the money.
  5. Offer to stay in touch - if the other party has any questions or issues, they should contact you by phone or mail.
  6. Sign and date the letter. The date of signing is especially important if you choose to send the document using traditional mail - if there are any questions later, you can always refer to the date in your handwriting that verifies the day you received the money.
  7. Keep the letter short and concise - only state the most basic details unless the other party specifically asks you to put additional information in the document when making their payment. You can also create a copy of the original document for your own records - keep it in a separate file with similar papers and statements, for example, a file named "Outgoing Documents."

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Download Payment Receipt Letter Template

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