Past Due Invoice Template

Past Due Invoice Template

What Is a Past Due Invoice?

If a client has not paid an invoice in a timely manner as agreed in the conditions of the original invoice, this invoice is regarded as a Past Due Invoice .

Alternate Name:

  • Past Due Invoice Letter.

In the majority of cases, the client could have just simply forgotten to send over funds for the invoice for one reason or another. If this is something you experience, you should send the customer a Past Due Invoice notice which will act as a reminder for them to transfer funds for the goods or services. This is achieved by forming either a Past Due Invoice letter or more commonly, a Past Due Invoice email as delivery and response times are often much quicker. If after this it becomes apparent that a customer has no intention of paying, you should consider taking them to court.

Before kicking off legal proceedings, you should attempt the following:

  • Before getting in touch with the customer you ought to ensure that the details in the original invoice are all correct and have been addressed to the intended individual . You should also check that the payment conditions and deadlines outlined are correct. If you discover that there is an issue with the invoice, you ought to be polite and apologize for the mistake after which you need to attach the correctly formed version;
  • After issuing an invoice, you should wait a couple of days . If by this point you have not received any payment or response, you should send a gentle reminder no more than 3 days after issuing the initial invoice.

A Past Due Invoice template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write a Past Due Invoice Letter?

When writing a Past Due Invoice Letter, you need to make sure that it follows the correct structure. We have outlined a list of things to include in the letter:

  • Start by explaining why you are getting in touch with the client . You should be polite and maintain a professional tone. Be wary of the language you use, you do not want to make the client feel like they are being attacked;
  • Remind the customer about the invoice specifics including the unique number, the date of issue, and the deadline date;
  • Inform the client that you can send them out another copy of the invoice in case they have lost it;
  • Let the customer know that you are more than willing to help answer any questions they may have . It could also be a wise idea to inform them of your availability so that they know when they can reach you. You should also attach your contact details (particularly your telephone number at which you can be reached) if any urgent matters arise;
  • Close the Past Due invoice Letter with a professional signing off phrase and sign your name.

Be aware that the language you use may change depending on how far past the deadline you are awaiting payment. Anything over two weeks, you should seek to be more firm and yet at the same time, professional.

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