3-day Eviction Notice Template

3-day Eviction Notice Template

What Is a 3-Day Eviction Notice?

A 3-Day Eviction Notice is a written statement prepared by a landlord for a tenant who is expected to deal with the breach of the lease agreement within three days or vacate the residential or commercial property within the same period of days.

Alternate Names:

  • 3 Day Eviction Notice;
  • 3 Day Eviction Notice Letter.

This document can be used as a formal request to move out no matter what kind of lease you have or how many days or months are left before the contract is expired - as long as the parties have agreed upon this prompt termination upon signing the papers, the landlord has a right to ask the tenant to leave the premises, which is of particular importance if the former has learned of illegal activities that took place at their property. You can download a printable 3 Day Eviction Notice through the link below.


How to Write a 3 Day Eviction Notice?

Follow these steps to compose a 3-Day Eviction Notice:

  1. Title the document and write down the names of all the recipients . Generally, you need to identify the tenant who signed the lease in the first place, their roommates if the property is residential, or the company that was located in the commercial real estate you rented out.
  2. Add the legal address of the premises - make sure the wording matches the one in the original agreement.
  3. Confirm your intention to terminate the lease within three days after the letter is delivered to the tenant . You may add a reference to the contract you have signed and point out the exact provision that entitles you to request the cancellation.
  4. Outline the options the recipient has at the moment . They have the last opportunity to pay you the remainder of the rent amount, fix the violation of the lease terms and conditions, or leave the real estate without delay in case you have found out they are committing unlawful actions.
  5. Certify your plans to take legal action if the message remains ignored or the tenant fails to follow the rules you have laid down.
  6. Write down your name, sign and date the notice . If your affairs are managed by the real estate agent, you may authorize them to act on your behalf and sign the papers for you.
  7. Attach a simple certificate of service to the letter . Whether you are presenting the notice in person, asking someone else to handle this issue for you, or sending the document using traditional mail, you need to get an official confirmation the document was sent and delivered. Indicate the date you are serving the notice and state your name.

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