10-day Eviction Notice Template

10-day Eviction Notice Template

What Is a 10-Day Eviction Notice?

A 10-Day Eviction Notice is a document that can be used by landlords when they want to notify their tenants that they are violating the Rental Agreement and have 10 days to stop it, otherwise they will be evicted. The purpose of the document is to give the tenant a formal warning and make sure they are aware of the consequences of their behavior. A printable 10-Day Eviction Notice template can be downloaded through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • 10-Day Notice;
  • 10-Day Eviction Letter.

A 10-Day Eviction Notice can be sent to the tenant in a lot of situations, which include not paying their rent, conducting illegal acts, violating the rental agreement, rules or other regulations, not paying utilities, noise complaints, etc. Before completing one, the landlord should check with their state's applicable law, since different states can have various requirements for the content of such documents. The state requirements can also determine the way in which the document is supposed to be delivered to the tenant (in person, certified mail, or other ways), how much time the landlord is supposed to give the tenant before the eviction, and other aspects of the process.

For other situations, when the landlord wants to terminate the tenancy due to the lease expiration, they can use a 30-Day or a 60-Day Notice to Vacate. The choice will depend on what is stated in the rental agreement and which regulations are applied in the state where the property is located.


How to Write a 10 Day Eviction Notice?

A simple 10-Day Eviction Notice can contain parts, which can include the following:

  1. Title. The document can start with a descriptive title that will state the subject of the letter.
  2. Information About the Parties. Landlords can use this section of the notice to indicate their full name and postal address, and the full name and postal address of the tenant they are addressing. This information will help to identify the parties and make sure the letter has found its addressee.
  3. Date. The letter should include the date when it was written. It will verify that its content is current and up to date.
  4. Notice Details. Here, the landlord can provide the reason why they are contacting the tenant. They can indicate the violations the tenant has conducted, which document they have violated (rental agreement, rules, regulations, or statutes), and how much time they have to comply before they will be evicted.
  5. Contact Information. For convenience, the landlord should provide contact information in case the tenant would like to contact them. Contact details can include the landlord's telephone number and email.
  6. Landlord's Signature. In the last part of the document, the landlord should put their handwritten signature and name.

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