Notice of Closure Template

Notice of Closure Template

What Is a Notice of Closure?

A Notice of Closure is a typed or handwritten document that informs the recipient the business indicated in writing is about to close soon. Once you make a decision to close your business, you need to communicate this to concerned parties - government agencies, companies, and customers. It can be needed for legal reasons - for instance, the suppliers and counterparts can deal with payments and resolve any outstanding matters, or as a courtesy to notify any client of the closure and give them a chance to find an alternate company to purchase goods from.

Alternate Name:

  • Notice of Business Closure.

If you are looking for a Closure Notice template, you can download one through the link below.


How to Write a Closure Notice?

If you need to tell your clients that your company will not work for a short while due to a holiday or staff exercise, follow these steps to create a Notice of Closure:

  1. Write down "Early Closure Notice" in large print.
  2. Inform any concerned party that the office or store will be closed. Specify the time of closure and indicate when your business re-opens.
  3. Thank customers for their patience and add your contact details in case they have any questions.
  4. Print out the notice and put it at the front window of your office or store.

If you need to send a Notice of Business Closure, add this information to the document:

  1. Introduce yourself and write down the name of the recipient if possible to make the letter more personal.
  2. Inform the recipient that the business is closing. Indicate the reasons for closure if you wish - provide a brief explanation, do not go into detail.
  3. Acknowledge the impact the decision to close the business will have on the recipient. If the business is closing because you are selling it, you can introduce your long-term customers to the new owner and provide their contact details as well.
  4. Offer to discuss important details and clarify whether you need the client or entity to do anything specific - for instance, pick up their merchandise by next month.
  5. Record the last day of operations and add your contact information so that you can stay in touch. Thank the recipient for their integrity and loyalty shown to your business during the time it was operating.
  6. Sign and date the notice. Send it via certified mail to get a receipt if you need to inform the government agency of the closure or simply e-mail the notice - it will save you time and money.

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