What Is an Invoice on Amazon?

Amazon Invoice

An Amazon Invoice is a formal confirmation of the deal formalized between the parties (the seller and the buyer) with the help of the Amazon website. No matter what you buy on Amazon, you can get access to an invoice - save a digital copy or print out a document for your personal budget, tax filing, or a refund from an employer. Amazon will maintain the records of all the transactions so every purchase you have ever made on the website can be checked and examined.

What Is an Invoice on Amazon?

An Amazon Invoice (or “Amazon Order Invoice”) is customized by the seller - it contains the following details for the convenience of the user: the number of the purchase order, the list of ordered items and their brief description, the total amount of money paid for the goods, and the shipping information - the name and address of the individual or organization that must receive the package and the date of delivery.

How to Get an Invoice From Amazon?

Every purchase you make on Amazon is recorded online - the information about it will remain in your personal account for as long as it exists. Whether you want to download an invoice to add it to your physical records or it is required for accounting purposes - for instance, you have ordered office supplies from your personal account yet your employer is ready to cover the expenses and add the cost of items in question to the balance books of the company, here is how you can get an Invoice from Amazon:

  1. Go to amazon.com using any browser of your choice and any electronic device you own. Log in with the email and password you have typed when setting up your account.
  2. After you are logged in, go directly to the tab "Your Orders". There, you will see all the orders you have placed. Choose the required transaction and click "Invoice".
  3. Review the details of the order if you have to confirm any of the particulars such as an Amazon Invoice number, print a copy, or download an electronic version of the document on your device using the available tools. Depending on your own needs or the request of a third party that wants to verify you have received the goods and paid a certain amount of money for them, you can save an electronic record of the transaction or print a confirmation.

In case you lose a printed version or delete a PDF file from your computer or mobile phone, do not worry - you can go back to your account and repeat the actions listed above.

How to Get an Invoice From Amazon Without an Account?

There are two ways to obtain an Amazon Order Invoice if you do not have an active account at the moment or never had one:

  1. Often, Amazon users discover their accounts are temporarily locked or permanently suspended. In this case, you can get an invoice from your email inbox. Scan the inbox to filter the emails - for example, you can type "Amazon order" in the search box and see the letter from Amazon right away. Once the correct e-mail is found, open it and scroll to the bottom - you will see a line with a hyperlink "Your invoice can be accessed here". The document will open directly without a need to log in on the Amazon website.
  2. Contact Amazon via customer service and request an invoice. Even if you do not own the account but the purchase order indicates your e-mail address or other contact information that belongs to you, you will still be able to receive the invoice.

How to Get an Invoice From Amazon With Order ID?

Amazon uses Order ID numbers to protect the confidentiality of users - their real names are being replaced. Every order has its own ID that cannot be duplicated, and the seller and the buyer can refer to this number whenever they talk to each other via the website or using other ways of communication. If you want to get an invoice from the vendor, you can message them indicating your Order ID - they will check their records, confirm your identity, and send you the invoice you have requested.

How to Print an Amazon Invoice?

It is very easy to access and print an Invoice on Amazon in case you want to obtain physical proof of the transaction. Whether the package was delivered without an invoice or you lost the original copy of the document yet you want to check the details of the transaction, follow these steps to print an Amazon Invoice:

  1. Sign in to your account from the Amazon homepage - use the email address and password you have chosen at the time of registration.
  2. Once you are logged in, click on "Returns & Orders" to see the list of all the orders.
  3. Go through the list of deliveries and select the one you need an invoice for. Click "Invoice" to open the document.
  4. When the document is uploaded, click on the "Print this page for your records" line - you will be able to choose the printer in the pop-up window and change the settings depending on how many copies you need or whether you want the portrait or landscape orientation for the physical document.

Note that in certain situations you cannot print an invoice - Amazon does not let its users print gift orders, invoices for gift cards, and invoices associated with purchase orders that were not dispatched.

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