Catering Invoice Template

Catering Invoice Template

A Catering Invoice is presented to a client when the caterer wants the client to pay for specific services that were agreed upon previously.

Alternate Names:

  • Food Catering Caterer Invoice;
  • Catering Service Invoice.

The final Invoice for Catering Service is normally presented at the very end, upon successful completion of catering for a particular event. However, prior to this most caterers would usually require some form of deposit. This is done to prevent any cancellations from the client to ensure that the caterer does not lose any money. After all, imagine a scenario when a caterer takes no deposit and stocks up on products ready for the special event - only to be let down last minute. Not only will the caterer not make any money, they will in fact be at a substantial loss.

The invoice provides a highly detailed list of all of the services and additional items that were required to cater for the specific event, tailored to the wishes of the client. Not only does it provide a list of these things, but also their quantity and the price per unit. The total costs are calculated and noted at the end of the list to ensure that the client knows how much exactly they should pay.

To simplify things for the customer (who will know exactly what they are paying for) and the caterer (so they can keep track of payments), we recommend using Catering Invoice templates.

A Catering Invoice template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Make a Catering Invoice?

When making an Invoice for Catering, you need to ensure you follow the correct structure so that your invoice contains all of the relevant information that a customer would require. This information should include:

  • Information about the catering company or caterer including the names (of both the caterer and the business), the business address, and a contact telephone number for customers to get in touch should they have any questions;
  • Specify details about the client including their full name and contact details;
  • Designate the invoice with a unique number. This will make it much easier to keep track of and resend in the event that the customer loses the original. It will help you understand which customers have paid and which customers have yet to make a payment;
  • The date that the invoice was drafted;
  • A full breakdown of all of the services offered during the catering event. This should include information about all of the food, the staff required, delivery costs etc. State the price of these services;
  • Clearly show the final amount due so that the customer knows how much they owe you. If any deposits were submitted by the customer prior to the event, you should clearly provide this information and deduct it from the overall sum;
  • Layout any additional information. You will also want to include the specific conditions that are applicable to the invoice, particularly when it comes to payment deadlines. Usually, customers would be required to pay the invoice a certain number of days after the date that the invoice was created.

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