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Are you looking to update your business address or need to designate a registered office and agent? Our Business Address documents can help you easily navigate through the process. Whether you're in Hawaii, Oregon, New York, Indiana, or New Mexico, we have the necessary forms to simplify the Statement of Change of Noncommercial Registered Agent's Business Address or Name, Designation of Registered Office and Registered Agent, Statement of Identity for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) Including Professional Limited Liability Companies (PLLCs), Business Address Change, and Place of Business Affidavit.

Don't let the paperwork overwhelm you. Our Business Address forms are user-friendly, ensuring that you provide all the necessary information accurately. Update your business address or designate a registered office and agent with ease using our comprehensive Business Address documents.




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This is a document which must be filed by every California stock, agricultural cooperative and registered foreign corporation in order to provide the California Secretary of State with information about the business's officers, directors, registered agents, and address.

This form is used for corporations in Arizona to report any changes in their known place of business address, principal office address, or statutory agent. It is a required document to keep the state authorities updated on the company's contact information.

This form is used to notify the State of Hawaii about a change in the business address or name of a noncommercial registered agent.

This form is used for submitting an affidavit to declare the location of a business in the state of New Mexico.

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