Cleaning Service Invoice Template

Cleaning Service Invoice Template

A Cleaning Service Invoice is a document that is issued to a customer once a cleaning job has been successfully completed by a cleaner or cleaning company.

Alternate Name:

  • Cleaning Invoice.

The specifics of the invoice will differ somewhat from business to business. For example, one company may charge an hourly rate for cleaning services whilst another may provide a fixed price based on the size and type of work needed to be carried out on a property. In some instances, the customer may need to prepay a fixed deposit in order for the cleaner or cleaning company to purchase all of the necessary cleaning products required to complete the job.

Before forming an invoice, you should meet with the client to discuss the projected costs involved. You should discuss all details with the client, particularly those regarding payment, the services involved, and if materials are at an extra price or are included in the invoice. As a business, you should also decide on a convenient day and time for the cleaning to take place - explaining to the customer the projected hours required to complete the job. Agree on these details with the client to make sure that everything is comfortable and convenient for them.

A Cleaning Invoice template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write an Invoice for Cleaning Services?

Before sitting down to write an Invoice for Cleaning Services, ensure that the invoice contains all of the necessary information. The easiest way to do this is by exploring our Cleaning Invoice templates. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top things to include in the invoice:

  • Information regarding the cleaning company or cleaner. This should include the names (of the company or individual) as well as the address and a contact telephone number of the business in case a customer may want to get into contact regarding any queries;
  • Provide details about the customer including their full name, contact telephone details, and address. You should also state the address at which the cleaning services will take place if it differs to the address of the customer;
  • Assign a unique number to the invoice. This will ensure that invoices are kept track of easier and it will also aid your understanding in regards to the customers that have paid and those that you are still awaiting payment from;
  • The date that the invoice was created and issued;
  • A detailed, broken-down list of all of the services and associated costs related to the job. All prices related to these services should be clearly stated;
  • State clearly the final amount due so that a client will know exactly how much they need to pay. If any deposits were submitted by the customer prior to the event, you should clearly provide this information and deduct it from the overall sum;
  • Detail any additional information, particularly information regarding payment methods and deadlines. In almost all cases, customers are expected to pay the invoice in full, a certain number of days after the date that the invoice was created. This can differ from each company but on average this time period is ten days.

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