How to Write an Invoice for Self Employed: Free Contractor Invoice Template

How to Invoice as a Contractor

How to Invoice as a Contractor?

An Independent Contractor Invoice needs to be carefully drafted, which can be challenging considering the amount of projects that a contractor could have going on simultaneously. A Contractor Invoice template contains all of the relevant features, ready for you to modify for your specific business. This Contractor Invoice should detail your company along with any logos and contact information, information regarding the client, the invoice date and unique number, a list of the provided services or products. This list should include everything that the client will be charged for along with information regarding quantity.

The price for each specific product or service should be outlined along with an overall subtotal. After this, you should specify the payment conditions including the various accepted methods of payment and the deadline date for making such payments. These are the general crucial components of a good Self-Employed Invoice. For a more detailed explanation of each component, you can learn more by referring to our previous post on How to Invoice as a Contractor which can also be used to form the basis of a solid Self-Employed Invoice template.

How to Make an Invoice for Landscaping?

If you have a landscaping business and want to create an invoice for landscaping services, you can modify a general Self-Employed Invoice template. Be sure to include:

  1. Planning information. In the landscaping business, a lot of time is required for careful and considerate planning. You want to make sure that you get paid for it whether you are carrying out consultations or drawing a plan, this time is worth money.
  2. Supplies and materials. Any materials that need to be purchased to successfully complete the project should also be included.
  3. Special equipment. If you are doing a large project you may find that you do not have all the relevant equipment which will mean you will have to find one to rent out.
  4. Manual labor work. You can agree on this aspect with the client, either on an hourly basis, or an overall sum for the project as a whole.

How to Make a Construction Invoice?

There are some specific things that need to be added in a Construction Invoice, which may differ from other invoices. They include:

  1. Labor work. A detailed list of all the carried out work along with the time this has taken and the price.
  2. Materials. A specific outline of all materials used with the associated project.
  3. Additional services. Construction may require approval from various departments or organizations. If this is something that you undertook, you should include the fee for this.

How to Make an Invoice for Roofing?

A good Invoice for Roofing should include, apart from the general components:

  1. Details about the location. This may differ from the details of the client.
  2. Deposits. It is common to request a deposit that will help cover the costs of the required materials.
  3. A detailed list of the labor, materials required, including the quantity, price, and subtotal should also be included in the invoice.
  4. If you have previously discussed a price estimate for the completion of the job with your client, you should include this too and show how this differs from the actual sum.

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