How to Write an Invoice Letter: Free Invoice Sample

How to Send an Invoice Email?

The importance of sending an invoice to a customer is fairly obvious. Alongside, it’s recommended to send an Invoice Letter for payment which will accompany the attached invoice. The way that this letter is presented could have an effect on the way that a customer views your professionalism and whether or not they would want to work with your company in a future job. A correctly drafted Invoice Letter clearly shows the deadline for the customer to pay by and gives them information on how they can get in touch with you should any questions arise.

How to Write an Invoice Letter for Payment?

A Payment Invoice Letter is usually written like a normal business letter, at the same time it needs to maintain a warm undertone. You do not want to appear too formal as this could come across as rather cold. If the invoice is distributed by mail, general rules of letter writing should be considered by including addresses, dates, official salutations, and official titles. The crucial element in this letter is what is written in the main part.

The format needs to be straightforward and should get straight to the main point. Provide information regarding the invoice, in short, this includes a unique invoice number and name of the associated project. Next, provide information regarding payments; making sure that deadline dates are clearly outlined, together with the total sum. Provide contact information of somebody who will be able to respond to a customer should they get in touch about queries regarding the issued invoice.

Invoice Letter Template

An Invoice Letter template can be convenient as it frees up time that would otherwise be spent on forming these lengthy and mundane letters to each separate customer. This time could be used for other more important things. However, ideally, you should still add a personalized touch to the email - clients will appreciate this gesture. To download a general Invoice Letter Template click the link.

Invoice Letter Sample

When sending an invoice via email you should use a sample similar to the one below:

Hi [insert clients name],

I hope that you are doing well. Please see the attached invoice [unique invoice number] for [name of project]. Please send payment [outline method(s) of payment] by [deadline] for [insert total sum].

It has been a pleasure to work with you. If you have any queries regarding your invoice, please feel free to get in touch. You can contact [name of person] at [their contact details].

Thank you,

[insert your name]

How to Send an Invoice Email?

An invoice email message should be relatively short and needs to directly include the correct information. First of all, make sure that the invoice you intend to send is definitely attached to the email message. Often this can be forgotten in a rush which will look unprofessional. The invoice format should be saved as a PDF as it prevents anyone from editing it.

A customer should easily spot your email in a folder of possibly 1000’s of unopened emails. Providing a clear subject will catch their eye and make them open the message. Hopefully, this will result in an instant payment. The invoice number and deadline date should be written in the subject. The other benefit of this is that if either party has difficulty finding the invoice, it can quickly be tracked down by simply making a search for the invoice number.

Keep a generic template at the ready, this will save a considerable amount of time. You will simply have to modify the names, deadline dates, and sums. Of course, it would be wise to add a personalized touch to each email; this will definitely be appreciated by clients.

It is also worth knowing about when to write a Past Due Invoice Letter - in situations when clients do not pay after sending out an initial email. This letter needs to act as a gentle prompt for the customer to pay for your work or goods. More often than not, the client could have simply forgotten or lost the invoice and will pay straight after this follow-up email.

How to Request an Invoice From a Supplier by Email?

Sometimes, there is a need for a customer to contact a supplier and request an invoice earlier than the supplier would distribute one. This is mainly done so that a customer can get an exact figure on their expenses and use this information to plan their financial operations. The email should clearly outline the specific products or services that are being requested. Information on the prices or charges for the requested service or goods should also be clarified. Again, this email needs to be concise and not too long. Following this structure will produce an accurate invoice with the correctly calculated fee.

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