What Is an Invoice on eBay: Free eBay Invoice Template

What Is an eBay Invoice

After you have successfully negotiated a sale of the item on eBay and before the purchaser has completed the process of checkout, you may issue an eBay Invoice - this document will list the terms of the sale and purchase serving as a formal request for payment. An eBay Seller Invoice will indicate the goods the buyer has ordered and offer them several methods of payment. You can customize this statement the way you want offering discounts to your long-term customers and modifying shipping charges in case the invoice price is high enough and print the invoice if you are keeping physical records of every transaction whether you represent a small business or sell personal items online. Invoices you save in your Seller Hub serve as proof of purchase and can be amended later on if the buyer orders more items from you.

How to View an Invoice on eBay?

To send an eBay Seller Invoice, you need to open the Seller Hub and scan through the list of orders, pick the one you need, find "Send Invoice" in the drop-down list, select the items you want to include in the invoice, and click "Send Invoice". When you create an invoice on eBay, you need to enter various details - for instance, payment methods you accept and postage and packaging options available for the buyer. This document will be available to you in the Seller Hub at any time.

Note that it is possible to send a purchaser an updated eBay Invoice - the buyer will complete a transaction after they receive an e-mail that lists items they have added to their purchase order. Whether they have sent you a separate eBay Invoice Request or you have been notified via a Seller Hub that new items were ordered by the same purchaser, you can send an invoice again, and the latest document the buyer receives is the one they will pay for.

How to Resend an Invoice on eBay?

In case the eBay order is still marked as "Awaiting payment," it is possible to resend the eBay Invoice the same way you shared it for the first time. Click on "Send Invoice" when you open the right order, check the details in the document (often sellers review the terms of shipment so it is allowed to update the invoice whether you have notified the buyer about the new conditions of the sale in advance or not), and include a note for the purchaser if you like. Click "Send Invoice" at the bottom of the page to send the invoice once again. Alternatively, if the customer does not reply to your messages for a significant time and you have not received the payment from them, you can send them a payment reminder instead.

How to Pay an eBay Invoice?

There are two main options for buyers - you can pay an eBay Invoice with your credit card or via PayPal pay. However, it is also allowed to use coupons, gift cards, or eBay Bucks. When the payment is confirmed, you will receive a notification - check your e-mail inbox to see when the goods will be shipped.

Note that purchasers have limited time to pay for the items they have ordered - if the seller does not collect their money within two days or after the due date listed in the invoice, the buyer may risk losing the right to purchase goods from eBay because of the unpaid item dispute. And remain vigilant - in case certain details in the invoice you see in your inbox do not make any sense to you, it is possible you were sent a fake eBay Invoice by a scammer: to prevent fraud, reach out to the seller of items via the official eBay website, send them the eBay Invoice number, and ask them to verify the request for payment.

What Is an eBay Invoice Fee?

Although it is free to advertise the items on eBay and you will only be charged $0.35 per listing if you plan to publish more than 250 items, the website will keep a portion of the sale in case the transaction is successful - for every sold item and issued invoice, eBay will charge you 12.55% per every order + $0.30. There are several exceptions to the regular eBay Invoice Fee - for instance, if the order is more than $7.500, you will be charged $2.35 instead, and when you sell items like books, heavy equipment, or watches, the fee will vary depending on the price of the item. Note that there is also a shipping fee - every seller will be charged $10 on the shipping costs.

Why Is My eBay Invoice so High?

Sellers cannot avoid fees when doing business on eBay, and in addition to charges applied to every closed deal, there is an obligation to pay an eBay Monthly Invoice. Moreover, you may encounter a need to pay for listing upgrades and the promotion for the items you have advertised. However, there are some tips the seller can use to minimize their invoice fees:

  1. Increase the visibility of your items. You may get higher listing positions without additional fees if you set competitive prices that help you stand out among other eBay merchants, offer free shipping, and opt for clarity and transparency when communicating with potential buyers - this will help you to close the transaction sooner and maximize the odds of selling to the individual or organization in question again.
  2. Upgrade your subscription level. If you are actively selling or reselling goods instead of occasionally getting rid of personal items you have owned or used before, it makes sense to get a subscription and avoid additional fees.
  3. Become a top-rated user. If you have been on eBay for at least three months, complied with the seller standards, have had no issues with returns or refunds, and successfully issued more than one hundred invoices that allowed you to generate more than $1,000, you may be eligible for a 10% discount on the invoice fees.

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