AF Imt Templates

The AF IMT is a collection of various forms used in the United States Air Force and other related departments. These forms are designed to streamline administrative processes and ensure the accurate and efficient completion of tasks.

Whether you're a member of the Air Force or a dependent seeking travel authorization, the AF IMT forms provide a comprehensive template to gather and record essential information. These forms cover a wide range of areas such as nutritional medicine service evaluation, unfired pressure vessel inspection, dependent travel authorization, issue and control of meal cards inspection, and cross-connection information.

Using the AF IMT forms can help simplify and standardize administrative procedures, saving both time and effort. The fillable AF IMT forms allow users to input their information directly on the computer, streamlining the process even further.

Eliminate the hassle of creating forms from scratch or relying on outdated templates. With the AF IMT forms, you can ensure accuracy and compliance with official standards. So the next time you need to complete a form for the Air Force, choose from the array of AF IMT templates available and experience a seamless documentation process.




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This form is used for maintaining employee safety and health records. It helps in keeping track of various aspects related to the safety and health of employees.

That is an application for a ready reserve assignment. Use this form to enter the reserves from active duty or prior service.

This document is used to maintain on record various temporary issues of the military property, including military equipment.

This document is used for requesting and authorizing leave for military units. It includes block assignments for the leave authorization numbers.

This form is used for keeping track of electronic records in the Air Force. It helps manage and inventory electronic documents efficiently.

This form is used for reporting financial expenditures during a contingency operation. It helps to track and document the expenses incurred during military operations.

This form is used for documenting and recording the footprints of individuals in the Air Force.

This document is used for tracking and documenting the personal deposits made by inmates in a correctional facility. It helps ensure transparency and accountability in managing the inmate's personal funds.

This form is used for summarizing the disbursement of funds from an inmate's personal deposit fund. It is used to keep track of the funds that have been withdrawn or spent by the inmate.

This document is used for conducting aviation service audits. It helps in assessing the compliance and effectiveness of aviation services.

This form is used for providing additional information or continued documentation related to a physical therapy consultation in the Air Force.

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