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Some of the documents you'll find in our federal employment collection include the Form OF306 Declaration for Federal Employment, OPM Form SF-85P-S Supplemental Questionnaire for Selected Positions, and the DD Form 1919 Federal Wage System - Wage Data Collection, among others. These documents are crucial for individuals applying for federal positions, as well as organizations looking to adhere to federal employment guidelines.

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This form is used for nominating individuals for federal employment positions in the state of California.

This form is used for requesting special salary rates in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

This Form is used for reviewing the actions taken in the delegated examining process.

This Form is used for applicants to provide their personal qualifications statement for consideration as a contracting officer under the GSA.

This form is used for verifying prior employment by the CPAC NAF HRD Division prior to all offers of Non-appropriated Fund employment except for emergency flexible appointments.

This Form is used for completing a supplemental questionnaire that is required for selected positions when applying for security clearance through the SF-85P form. It contains additional questions to gather more detailed information about an individual's background and suitability for the position.

This form is used by military personnel applying for federal employment (NAF). It serves the same purpose as a resume, i.e. to evaluate if the skills and experience of an applicant fit a certain position.

This Form is used for collecting wage data under the Federal Wage System. It helps to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about employee wages for federal jobs.

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