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This document is used for appointing individuals to positions funded by nonappropriated funds in the Department of the Army.

This form is used for creating a career referral list for nonappropriated funds positions in the military.

This type of document is used for transportation agreement for nonappropriated fund employees in the Department of the Army.

This document is used for tracking the bank balances of nonappropriated funds.

This Form is used for reporting tips, service charges, and meals in the Nonappropriated Fund Central Payroll System.

This document is used for recording the receipt and disbursement of nonappropriated funds. It is a form that provides a record of financial transactions for nonappropriated fund activities.

This document is used for processing payments and disbursements related to nonappropriated funds.

This form is used for requesting payment or disbursing funds related to nonappropriated funds.

This type of document is used to report the time and attendance information for nonappropriated funds employees.

This Form is used for Nonappropriated Fund Contract/Award in the United States Air Force. It is used to document and authorize contracts and awards related to non-appropriated funds.

This document is a Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Position Guide form for the Air Force. It provides information on positions funded by non-appropriated funds and their job duties.

This document is used for ordering supplies or services using nonappropriated funds.

This form is used for providing evidence of age for individuals who are part of the USAF Nonappropriated Fund Retirement Plan.

This form is used by military personnel applying for federal employment (NAF). It serves the same purpose as a resume, i.e. to evaluate if the skills and experience of an applicant fit a certain position.

This Army form is used to record the results of a pre-employment physical examination of federal (NAF) employees. The certificate can also be used during periodic job-related physical tests.

This form is used for U.S. Army Nonappropriated Fund employees to certify their selective service registration status before their appointment.

This document is used for applying for inservice positions in the Nonappropriated Fund in the US Army in Europe.

This form is used for providing nonappropriated fund workers in the United States Air Force with their earnings statement for the workers compensation program.

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