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Are you looking to do business with the government? Are you interested in government contracting opportunities? Look no further than our comprehensive collection of government contracts, also known as government contracting, government contract templates, and government contract forms.

Our extensive selection of government contracts includes a variety of documents that will guide you through the process of securing contracts with various government entities. Whether you're looking to bid on a construction project, provide services to a government agency, or lease space to a government organization, our collection of government contracts has you covered.

Some of the forms you can find in our government contracts collection include the Mwbe Bidders List Form, which is specific to the state of New York and helps facilitate the participation of minority and women-owned businesses in government contracting. Another example is the Incumbent Worker Training Program Social Services Contract, specific to Louisiana, which outlines the terms and conditions for providing training services to social services providers.

If you're interested in smaller procurements, we also have documents like the GSA Form 2010 Small Purchase Tabulation Source List/Abstract, which helps streamline the purchasing process for smaller government contracts.

For those looking to engage in government-financed construction projects, we have the Form 5600-FM-BMP0307 Application for Government-Financed Construction Contract (Gfcc), specific to Pennsylvania. This form is essential for contractors looking to secure government funding for their construction projects.

Finally, if you have commercial real estate available for lease, our collection includes the GSA Form 1364 Proposal to Lease Space, which provides the necessary documentation for offering your space to government agencies.

No matter your government contracting needs, our collection of government contracts provides the essential forms and templates to facilitate your business with government entities. Explore our documents today and take advantage of the exciting opportunities available in government contracting.




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This is a form for providing invention reports to a Contracting Officer and reporting of awarded subcontracts with patent rights clauses.

This document is used for conducting a pre-award survey of a contractor's or carrier's facilities and equipment. It helps ensure that the contractor or carrier has the necessary capabilities to meet contract requirements.

This VA Form is used for certifying if an individual or entity is debarred, suspended, or ineligible for participating in lower tier covered transactions with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This Form is used for submitting the Contract Completion Form in the state of Louisiana. It provides instructions on how to fill out and submit the form.

This document is an instruction guide for using the GPO Form 2511 Print Order Form for Term Contracts. It provides step-by-step directions on how to properly fill out and submit the form.

This document is a contract for the Loan Repayment Program of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is used to formalize the terms and conditions of the program between the applicant and NIH.

This document is used for requesting proposals from potential vendors or contractors in the state of Minnesota. It outlines the requirements and expectations for a specific project or service.

This form is used for reporting monthly real property appraisal contracts awarded by the General Services Administration (GSA). It helps track and document the contracts awarded for property appraisal services.

This Form is used for contract administration purposes in the GSA (General Services Administration) agency. It is used to document and track contract activities, such as modifications, performance monitoring, and compliance.

This Form is used for submitting bids on government contracts. It is a sample bid card used by the General Services Administration (GSA).

This document is used for keeping track of procurement contracts. It helps to manage and monitor procurement activities.

This document is used for placing an order for supplies or services through the General Services Administration (GSA).

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