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Welcome to our Award Recommendation page, where you can find all the resources you need to nominate deserving individuals for recognition. Whether it's a colleague, employee, or student, our award recommendation forms and templates make the process simple and efficient.

Our collection includes various forms such as the USAWOA Award Recommendation Form, DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award, FWS Form DI-451 Recommendation and Approval of Awards, AF IMT Form 1001 Award Recommendation Transmittal, and many more. These forms are carefully designed to capture all the necessary details for a successful award nomination.

At, we understand the importance of recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions. Our award recommendation templates provide a standardized framework to articulate the nominee's accomplishments, qualifications, and impact. These templates streamline the recommendation process, ensuring that no critical information is overlooked.

Additionally, our alternate names for this document group, including Recommended Award Form, Recommended Award Template, and Recommending Awards, reflect the versatility and adaptability of our resources. We strive to cater to different industries, organizations, and award types, making our forms and templates suitable for various contexts.

Whether you are an employer looking to commend an exceptional employee or an organization highlighting exemplary achievements, our award recommendation tools will assist you in effectively communicating the worthiness of your nominee. By using our forms and templates, you can focus on highlighting the unique qualities and outstanding performances, knowing that the administrative aspects of the nomination process are taken care of.

Choose our Award Recommendation page as your go-to resource, and make the recognition process efficient, professional, and impactful. Start utilizing our collection of forms and templates today to shine a spotlight on the deserving individuals in your community.




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This document is used for submitting nominations for awards within the USAWOA (United States Army Warrant Officers Association).

This document is used to recommend a soldier for most awards, except wartime awards, awards for valor and heroism.

This form is used for recommending and approving awards in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It is used to document the decision-making process for granting awards to individuals or groups.

This form is used for transmitting award recommendations to the appropriate authorities in the United States Air Force.

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