DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award

DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award

What Is DA Form 638?

DA Form 638, Recommendation for Award, is a United States Army form used for recommending a soldier for most awards, except for wartime awards, awards for valor, and awards for heroism. The form is used for reviewing individual nominations for decorations or awards, to record decisions made on those applications, and to maintain individual award case files.

The latest edition of the form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as DD Form 638 - was released by the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) on April 1, 2021, with all previous editions being obsolete. An up-to-date fillable DA Form 638 is available for download below or can be obtained through the chain of command.


How to Fill Out DA Form 638?

DA Form 638 instructions are as follows:

  1. Box 1 requires the address of the final approval authority. Enter the address of the next office above the recommender.
  2. Box 2 should contain the address of the commander sending the recommendation for approval.
  3. Box 3 will be filled automatically after filing Box 19.
  4. Part I is for entering the soldier's personal data. Enter and save the full name, rank, social security number, and organization of the service member recommended for an award.
  5. List all previous awards in Box 8. The record must match the soldier's most current Officer Record Brief (ORB) or Enlisted Record Brief (ERB). Enter "No AWDS" if this award will be the first one in their career.
  6. Choose a branch service in the drop-down menu in Box 9.
  7. Select the type of award being recommended and the period covered in Boxes 10 and 11, respectively.
  8. Present a reason for the award and the proposed presentation date in Boxes 12 and 13.
  9. Part II of the form cover Boxes 14 through 19 and are meant to provide personal details about the recommender and their relationship to the awardee.
  10. Part III is used to describe the soldier's achievements that led to the recommendation. Provide specific bullet examples for the Army Achievement Medal (AAM), Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM), or Meritorious Service Medal (MSM). Use narrative page and paragraph format for LMs and higher.
  11. Describe the proposed citations in Box 21.
  12. Part IV is for documenting the approval throughout the whole chain of command necessary for the recommendation to be completed and valid.

Proposed Citation for DA Form 638

When proposing citations for DA Form 638 you should remember that the citations will be transferred by the Commander's staff to the Army Commendation Medal Certificate. This certificate has an inherent historical value and the citation block should be prepared with care. The policy does not prohibit the use of acronyms and abbreviations but recommends limiting them to the most commonly known. The descriptive narrative should be concise and brief and not distract the reader from the main points.

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