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This document provides an example of a federal format resume. It can be used as a guide to create a resume that meets the requirements for federal job applications.


This Form is used for claiming exemption from sales tax for U.S. Government, Federal Agencies or Instrumentalities in the state of Kansas.

This Form is used for submitting an administrative grievance with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Use this form to formally address workplace issues or complaints within the agency.

This document is used for requesting a determination or advisory from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). It is used to seek guidance or clarification on specific matters related to personnel management in the federal government.

This Form is used for applying to the GSA Transit Subsidy Program. This program provides financial assistance for commuting to work using public transportation.

This document is used for requesting a Certificate of Service for an appeal related to the suspension of a company's 8(A) Business Development Program eligibility.

This document is used to request Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) in the state of Utah. FEPP refers to surplus federal property that is no longer needed and can be transferred to eligible organizations or individuals.

This document provides a summary of the President's proposed budget for the fiscal year 2022. It offers key information about how the government plans to spend and allocate funds for various programs and initiatives.

This form is used for federal agencies in North Dakota to claim a refund for motor vehicle fuel tax paid.

This document provides answers to common questions that arise when there is a temporary interruption in government funding, also known as a lapse in appropriations. It explains how government services and programs are affected during this time.

This form is used for providing comments and feedback to a federal agency regarding a specific issue or initiative. It allows individuals and organizations to have a voice in the decision-making process and influence policies that may affect them.

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