Interagency Agreement Templates

An interagency agreement, also commonly referred to as an interagency contract or an IA, is a formal agreement between two or more government agencies to collaborate and work together on a specific project or objective. These agreements establish the terms and conditions for the exchange of goods, services, or expertise between the participating agencies.

Interagency agreements play a vital role in fostering cooperation and coordination among government entities, ensuring efficient use of resources, and promoting effective decision-making. These agreements facilitate collaboration on a wide range of initiatives, including research and development, information sharing, joint training exercises, and the implementation of joint programs.

The interagency agreement process involves the negotiation and signing of a legally binding contract that outlines the responsibilities, objectives, and funding arrangements between the involved agencies. The agreements may be initiated by federal, state, or local government entities, and they are governed by applicable laws and regulations.

Interagency agreements are essential tools for government agencies to leverage each other's capabilities and expertise, avoid duplication of efforts, and achieve common goals. They enable agencies to pool their resources, share costs, and combine their knowledge and experience to achieve greater outcomes for the public good.

Whether it's the NRC Form 662 Award of Interagency Agreement or the Form DOT ADM-3015IA Interagency Agreement Under $10,000 - California, interagency agreements provide a structured framework for collaboration and ensure that all parties involved are aligned and accountable for the successful execution of the agreed-upon activities.

If you are a government agency looking to partner with other entities to maximize resources and achieve mutual objectives, navigating the interagency agreement landscape can be complex. Consulting with legal and procurement experts who specialize in interagency agreements can help you ensure compliance with regulations, manage risks, and optimize the value of your collaborative efforts.




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This document provides a summary of negotiations for an interagency agreement. It is used to document the terms and conditions agreed upon between different agencies.

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