AF IMT Form 1288 Application for Ready Reserve Assignment

AF IMT Form 1288 Application for Ready Reserve Assignment

What Is AF 1288 Form?

AF Form 1288, Application for Ready Reserve Assignment - also known as the AF IMT 1288 - is an Air Force (AF) form used to obtain reassignment approval from the gaining or losing Readiness and Integration Organization or designated representative, the gaining and losing unit commander, or the gaining Career Development Element.

The latest version of the form was released by the Air Force Departmental Publishing Office (AFDPO) on May 23, 2019 , with all previous editions obsolete. An AF Form 1288 fillable version is available for download below and can be found through the AFDPO official website.

Additional information and filing guidelines can be found in AFI 36-2110, Total Force Assignments - the instruction that sets criteria for the assignment of the military personnel to satisfy rotational, operational, training and unit requirements, including professional military education/development and formal education requirements to include Permanent Change of Station and Temporary Duty. This instruction applies to all members of the Regular Air Force (RegAF), Air National Guard (ANG), and Air Force Reserve (AFR).


AF Form 1288 Instructions

The AF 1288 Form is not required for management directed assignments and colonel positions for ART officers.

Recruiters must submit this form to the career development who must process and return it within 10 calendar days of the receipt showing approval/disapproval. If disapproval is indicated, remarks are obligatory (as long as there are no requirements for waivers or interviews). If the form is not returned by the 11th calendar day, recruiting service is eligible for the accession. If an interview is allowed, the second endorsement of the AF Form 1288 must be completed and returned to the recruiter within 30 calendar days.

How to Fill out AF Form 1288?

The application has to be completed in duplicate. If additional space for an item is required, another sheet indicating the applicable item number(s) has to be attached.

The AF IMT 1288 Form starts with personal information and civilian/military experience: the full name, the rank, the date of rank, the SSN, the home address, the e-mail address, the phone number, the Air Force Specialty Code, the date of birth, the height, the weight, the airman, the officer - regular or reserve - and date of the original commission, the aeronautical rating, the present assignment and attachment, the assignment desired, the military education and experience, the civilian education and experience. The applicant must acknowledge the counseling concerning the Air Force direct deposit, state that no government travelcharge card was misused, certify that there has not been any serious delinquency. The applicant acknowledges there will be no reimbursement for travel expenses incurred for the inactive duty training and agrees to be immunized against anthrax if required.

The losing commander or recruiter must make mandatory comments in the first endorsement of the form to advise the gaining commander, or career development element (unit program assignments) of any questionable or negative information, to include the fitness program status, the unexcused absences, all unfavorable information files, the officer performance reports and the enlisted performance reports, and any other information which may influence the assignment consideration.

The second endorsement includes the following:

  • The gaining department must make mandatory comments in the second endorsement for the assignments and include the member's duty title, the reporting official's name and the social security number (last 4 digits);
  • For the unit program, the gaining career development element completes the second endorsement for unit assignments. Nevertheless, this information will not be completed until all documentation, local waivers, and endorsements are obtained. The Air Force Reserve Command/Vice Commander message approves the officer assignments.

It is forbidden to include assignment data in the third endorsement except to correct original data.

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