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Welcome to our webpage dedicated to temporary duty, also known as temporary duty form. We understand that temporary duty assignments are an integral part of many industries and organizations. Whether you're a government employee, military personnel, or a civilian, our comprehensive collection of documents pertaining to temporary duty will provide you with all the resources you need.

Our vast selection of documents covers various aspects of temporary duty, including travel vouchers, request forms, and duty assignment modifications. These documents have been specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of individuals on temporary duty, ensuring that all necessary information is captured accurately and efficiently.

One of the featured documents in our collection is the Form AD-617 Travel Voucher Continuation Sheet - Temporary Duty. This document is essential for individuals seeking reimbursement for expenses incurred during temporary duty assignments. Additionally, we offer the Temporary Restricted Duty Request - Alaska, which is specifically tailored for military personnel stationed in Alaska.

If you're a non-US citizen working on temporary duty in the United Kingdom, our USAFE IMT Form 197 Temporary Duty Back for Non-US Citizen Personnel (UK) is the perfect resource for you. This document streamlines the process of requesting temporary duty back to your home country efficiently and effectively.

We also understand the unique needs of academic institutions and organizations, which is why we offer the USAFA Form 121 TDY Request Worksheet. This document is a valuable tool for students and faculty members at the United States Air Force Academy, enabling them to request and plan their temporary duty assignments seamlessly.

Furthermore, we have a specialized document designed for individuals returning to work after a temporary duty assignment. The Form MO300-1798 Early Return to Work Temporary Modified - Duty Assignment - Missouri assists both employees and employers in modifying the duty assignment to accommodate the individual's specific needs after returning from temporary duty.

Our comprehensive collection of temporary duty documents is regularly updated to ensure that you have access to the most current and accurate resources available. Whether you're seeking reimbursement, requesting temporary duty back to your home country, or planning your schedule for temporary duty assignments, our documents will streamline the process and provide you with peace of mind.

Browse through our extensive collection of temporary duty documents today and discover how our resources can simplify and enhance your temporary duty experience.




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This Form is used for requesting temporary restricted duty in Alaska. It is used when an individual is unable to perform their regular job duties due to a temporary physical limitation, and requires alternate work assignments during this period.

This form is used for declining Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Temporary Duty (TDY), deployment, or training requests.

This form is used for non-US citizen personnel from the United Kingdom who are on temporary duty in USAFE. It is intended for documenting travel information and expenses incurred during their stay.

This form is used for submitting a TDY (Temporary Duty) request to the United States Air Force Academy.

This type of document is used for placing restrictions on temporary duty assignments within the 59th Medical Wing.

This Form is used for documenting the training checklist for contractors on temporary duty or those not assigned to a specific base.

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