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Welcome to our official travel document collection! Whether you're a government employee or a dependent traveling on official business, our comprehensive collection of official travel forms and resources has got you covered.

Our official travel documentation encompasses a wide range of forms and worksheets that are essential for requesting and authorizing travel, as well as documenting expenses incurred during official trips. From AF IMT Form 937 for requesting and authorizing dependent(s) travel to AFMC Form 193 for disclosing official foreign travel, we have all the necessary forms ready for you to access and fill out.

To ensure a smooth and efficient reimbursement process, be sure to familiarize yourself with our instructions for the Voucher for Reimbursement of Expenses Incident to Official Travel. We provide detailed guidance on documenting and claiming expenses incurred during your official trips. Additionally, our collection includes specific state forms such as the Form DFC-06A Statement of Official out of State Travel for those traveling on official business in Alabama.

Our official travel form collection is designed to make the process of requesting, authorizing, and documenting official travel as seamless as possible. You can rely on our comprehensive resources to streamline your travel arrangements and ensure prompt reimbursement for your official expenses. So, whether you're an employee or a dependent, don't let the paperwork overwhelm you – let our official travel document collection simplify your travel experience.

Please note that the official travel documents collection is also known as the official travel form collection, so don't worry if you come across either of these terms – they refer to the same valuable resources.




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This form is used for conducting an advance review of an offer to donate support for official travel in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). It helps ensure that any offers to donate support are in compliance with VA regulations and guidelines.

This type of document is used for placing restrictions on temporary duty assignments within the 59th Medical Wing.

This type of document provides instructions for the voucher used to request reimbursement for expenses incurred during official travel in Mississippi.

This Form is used for reporting official out-of-state travel by Alabama state employees.

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