Flight Operations Templates

Flight operations are an integral part of any aviation organization. These operations involve a multitude of tasks and responsibilities that ensure the smooth and safe functioning of flights. Our collection of flight operations documents is meticulously designed to assist aviation professionals in streamlining their processes and adhering to industry standards.

Whether you're a pilot, flight operations officer, or a member of the ground support staff, our flight operations documents offer a comprehensive range of resources to enhance efficiency and ensure compliance. From flight plans and fuel logs to annual flying hour requirements, our collection covers all aspects of flight operations.

Our flight operations documents are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of different aviation entities. Whether it's an army flight operation detachment or an aeromedical evacuation unit, we offer specialized forms and templates that cater to their specific requirements.

These documents are essential for tracking and reporting important flight data such as fuel consumption, pilot's reports, and weekly flying contracts. By utilizing our flight operations documents, organizations can maintain meticulous records, enhance safety measures, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Streamline your flight operations today with our reliable and user-friendly flight operations document collection. Obtain accurate and up-to-date information, comply with regulations, and ensure the seamless execution of all flight-related activities. Trust our comprehensive suite of flight operations documents to guide you every step of the way.




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This is a document necessary for operating an aircraft in controlled airspace Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). When the flight plan has been filed, the aircraft is ready for departure.

This document is used for recording flight operations details such as flight times, fuel consumption, and maintenance activities. It helps to track and analyze flight operations data for operational and safety purposes.

This form is used to close out flight records and is required for individuals on flight status. The form is generated by Centralized Aviation Flight Records System (CAFRS) for each soldier on flying status when closing records.

This document is used for conducting aviation service audits. It helps in assessing the compliance and effectiveness of aviation services.

This form is used for conducting flight evaluations within the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). It helps ensure that all necessary checks and procedures are followed during flight operations.

This document is used for tracking the workload of aircraft servicing and maintenance in the Air Mobility Command (AMC).

This form is used for keeping a record of aerial port movements. It is specifically for page 4 of the log.

This is a U.S. Air Force Technical Order (TO) System form also known as the "Arms Aircrew/Mission Flight Report and Maintenance Document."

This Form is used for documenting narrative information related to aircraft maintenance and events.

This document is used for requesting permission to conduct parachuting activities or exercises in an Army Flight Operation Detachment.

This document is used by pilots to report incidents or observations during a flight. It helps collect information for safety analysis and improvement.

This form is used for creating a weekly contract for flying activities in the Air Education and Training Command (AETC).

This form is used for reporting the post-flight activities and observations in New York.

This Form is used for applying for a Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence in the United Kingdom. It requires certificates of training or experience to be submitted.

This document is a knowledge test guide for remote pilots. It provides information and guidelines for individuals taking the FAA remote pilot knowledge test.

This type of document is used for conducting a flight weather briefing for military aircraft.

This document is used for recording and tracking maintenance information for the C-5 A/B aircraft.

This form is used for critiquing flight briefings in the Air Education and Training Command (AETC). It helps evaluate and provide feedback on the effectiveness and accuracy of flight briefings.

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