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Welcome to our webpage dedicated to the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). The Civil Air Patrol, also known as CAP, is a civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Our organization is dedicated to providing aviation education, emergency services, and cadet programs to the community.

At CAP, we have a wide range of documents and forms that support our mission. From nomination forms to membership applications, we ensure all necessary paperwork is readily available to our members and partners. These documents are not only essential for administrative purposes but also for recognizing outstanding achievement within our organization.

One example of a document you may come across is the CAP Form 50-2, which is the Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officer of the Year Award Nomination Form. This document allows individuals to nominate deserving individuals who have made significant contributions to aerospace education. Another document, CAP Form 50-3, is used to nominate teachers for the Civil Air Patrol National Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year Award.

In addition to these nomination forms, we also have practical documents such as the CAP Form 105, which is the CAP Radio Message Form. This form is used during emergency operations to ensure efficient communication and coordination between CAP members.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Civil Air Patrol, you will need to fill out CAP Form 15, which is the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Membership Application. This form is the first step to joining our organization and starting your journey in aviation and leadership.

The Civil Air Patrol Board of Governors Academic ScholarshipCommitment Statement is another important document. This statement outlines the conditions and obligations for recipients of academic scholarships awarded by the CAP Board of Governors.

Whether you are completing a nomination form, applying for membership, or submitting a communication document, the Civil Air Patrol provides a range of resources to support your needs. We understand the importance of proper documentation to ensure the smooth operation of our programs and services.

If you require access to any of the CAP documents or forms mentioned above, please visit our document library or reach out to our team for assistance. .




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This document is a checklist used for inspecting aircraft in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) organization. It helps ensure that all necessary inspections are carried out to ensure the safety and proper maintenance of CAP aircraft.

This Form is used for applying for Senior Member Activities in the CAP (Civil Air Patrol) organization.

This document is used for recording and organizing results from the Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.

This Form is used for providing a summary of reconnaissance information. It is commonly used by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

This document is used for submitting a candidate's biography for the Organizational Excellence program.

This document is a guide for conducting religious interviews. It provides guidance on how to approach and conduct interviews with individuals of different religious backgrounds.

This form is used for submitting claims for death benefits or medical expenses through the Civil Air Patrol program for senior members and cadets.

This document is used for CAP Radio Message Form - Coded Groups. It is a form used to transmit coded messages in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

This type of document, CAP Form 113 Field Expedient Team Task Book, is used for documenting and tracking field expedient team tasks for the Civil Air Patrol.

This document is used for organizing and maintaining important information and documents related to a specific military mission. It helps to ensure that all necessary materials are easily accessible and readily available.

This is a legal form distributed by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). This form is used by the cadet's parents or guardians to provide their authorization for the cadet to participate in various activities and electives.

This document is used for the CAP (Civil Air Patrol) Encampment Program. It likely contains information and instructions related to the annual encampment program.

This Form is used for recording flight release information in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) program. It helps to ensure accurate tracking and documentation of CAP flight activities.

This Form is used for conducting a pilot checkout for Civil Air Patrol (CAP) mission pilots. It ensures that pilots meet the necessary qualifications and have the necessary skills to participate in CAP missions.

This document is used for recording flight operations details such as flight times, fuel consumption, and maintenance activities. It helps to track and analyze flight operations data for operational and safety purposes.

This document is used for conducting ground interrogations in the context of Civil Air Patrol (CAP) operations. It helps gather information during investigations or searches.

This document is used for conducting a Mission Pilot Checkout for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

This document is used to authorize the release of information by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). It is usually used when requesting the release of records or to give permission for the sharing of personal information.

This form is used for applying for specialty license plates in Texas for members of the armed forces, coast guard auxiliary, merchant marine, and civil air patrol.

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