CAP Form 60-80 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activity Permission Slip

CAP Form 60-80 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activity Permission Slip

What Is CAP Form 60-80?

CAP Form 60-80, Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activity Permission Slip , is an official form given by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) to a cadet in which the cadet's parents or guardian provide their authorization to participate in various activities and electives.

Alternate Name:

  • CAP Cadet Permission Slip.

The latest version of the form was issued on February 1, 2018 , with all previous editions obsolete. A fillable CAP 60-80 Form is available for download below. The Civil Air Patrol may also use local versions of the form.

Written consent of a parent or a guardian must be obtained for every cadet participating in a wide range of enjoyable Civil Air Patrol cadet activities, including, but not limited to the orientation flights, encampment, cadet honor academy, leadership symposiums, first aid training, marksmanship.


Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activity Permission Slip

Civil Air Patrol cadet permission slip contains two parts - the upper portion of the form (first five sections) is for the CAP, and the lower portion (sixth section) is used by parents and guardians as a reference tool. The form recommends announcing the activity in advance and obtaining the authorization prior to the event. It contains the following fields:

  1. Information on the participating cadet . Write down the cadet's name, grade, CAP identification number, unit charter number, the name, and the date of the activity.
  2. Information about the activity . Provide the grade and the name of the supervising senior for a hotel-based conference or activity.
  3. Parent's or guardian's contact information . Indicate the parent or guardian name, the relationship to the cadet, and the contact number on the date of the activity.
  4. Other documents required to participate . If any other forms are necessary to take part in the proposed activity, name and attach them with the permission slip. You may attach CAPF 31, Application for Special Activity, CAPF 160, CAP Member Health History Form, CAPF 163, Provision of Over the Counter Medication, and other documents, including special local forms.
  5. Parent's or guardian's authorization. This section must be signed and dated by the parent or guardian; however, if the cadet is of age, it is required to write «N.A.».
  6. Helpful information for parents and guardians. This part must be completed by the cadet with the help of activity hosts or local leaders. It describes the activity, states the participation fee, outlines the activity format and the equipment needed, and tells the parent or guardian the emergency phone number and the estimated time of return from the activity. This section of the form is to be detached from the document and given to parents and guardians of cadets.

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