Aviation Records Templates

Aviation Records, also known as aviation record or aviation documentation, serve as a crucial collection of information related to the aviation industry. These records encompass various forms and documents that provide a comprehensive history and data on aircraft, ensuring compliance with regulatory authorities and facilitating efficient aircraft operations.

One example of an aviation record is the DA Form 2408-15 Historical Record for Aircraft. This document captures key details such as maintenance and inspections performed on an aircraft, ensuring a comprehensive maintenance history. Another example is the DA Form 7739 C-12 Takeoff and Landing Data Card, which records critical flight data including takeoff and landing parameters for C-12 aircraft.

The AFTO Form 44 Turbine Wheel Historical Record is another essential document that tracks the maintenance and performance of turbine wheels in aircraft engines. This record is crucial for optimizing engine efficiency and safety. Additionally, the FAA Form 8060-10A Airman Notice and Right to Receive Copy - FAA Records (Pria) document grants individuals the right to access and obtain copies of records held by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), safeguarding transparency and accountability.

Aviation records also encompass documents like the AF IMT Form 4108 C-130 Fuel Log, which records fuel consumption and usage for C-130 aircraft. This log plays a vital role in tracking fuel efficiency and ensuring proper fuel management during flights.

These aviation records, also referred to as aviation record-keeping, form an invaluable resource for aviation operators, maintenance personnel, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders. Proper documentation not only meets regulatory requirements but also aids in tracking maintenance activities, optimizing aircraft performance, and enhancing safety measures.




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This form is used for recording significant historical data related to an aircraft or other equipment. It helps in documenting important events and incidents that may have occurred during the lifespan of the equipment.

This Centralized Aviation Flight Records System (CAFRS)-generated form is used for keeping record of hours spent performing flights in order to calculate flight pay. The form is used as a temporary or consolidation worksheet for flights performed by an RCM/NRCM and conditional ACIP recipients and is not required for UAS operators.

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