Army Regulations Templates

Are you looking for comprehensive guidelines and rules that govern the operations and procedures within the army? Look no further than our collection of army regulations. These documents serve as the backbone of the army, ensuring uniformity and standardization in various aspects of military operations.

Our army regulations provide detailed instructions on a wide range of topics, including personnel management, equipment maintenance, equal opportunity policies, and aircraft traffic control. Whether you're a soldier, a military executive, or a civilian working closely with the army, our collection of army regulations is an invaluable resource.

Also known as army regulation or AR, the documents within this collection define the official policies and procedures that must be followed by all army personnel. These regulations play a crucial role in maintaining the high standards of discipline, professionalism, and organization that the army is known for worldwide.

From the DA Form 12-99 Initial Distribution Requirements for Publications to the DA Form 7279 Equal Opportunity Complaint Form, our army regulations cover a diverse range of topics relevant to army personnel. These documents serve as the guideposts for anyone involved in the army, ensuring compliance with established procedures and promoting cohesion and efficiency.

Maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the army requires adherence to these regulations. By understanding and implementing the guidelines outlined in the army regulations, leaders can enhance operational efficiency, ensure the safety and well-being of personnel, and promote a strong sense of unity and purpose.

Explore our collection of army regulations today and discover the wealth of knowledge and guidance that these documents offer. Whether you're a military professional or simply someone interested in understanding the intricacies of army operations, our army regulations will provide you with the information you need.




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This form is used to establish and maintain initial distribution requirements or changes for physical publications before posting them online.

This Form is used for capturing equipment replacement records in the military. It includes information about the equipment being replaced, the reason for replacement, and any supporting documentation.

This Form is used for documenting the collection of money from vending or amusement machines.

This document is used for keeping track of scores and performance in using a 40-mm grenade launcher.

This document outlines the branch maintenance and repair requirements for equipment specified on the DA Form 5155-r. It provides guidelines for ensuring that proper maintenance and repairs are conducted to keep the equipment in optimal working condition.

This form is used for recording maintenance and repair activities for specific sections in the military.

This Form is used for documenting the requirements for the Medcase Program (LRA).

This form is used for a yearly rating of Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant for non-commissioned officers. It is a part of the DA 2166-9 series that contains six rank-specific performance assessment reports in total.

This Form is used for documenting and evaluating the performance of M249 and M240 machine guns during training exercises.

This form is used for gathering personal information of a service member who received reassignment instructions. A DA 4787 is used if the service member is assigned to an overseas area.

This document for Army Regulation 600-8-22 explains the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. It outlines the eligibility criteria and provides instructions on how to apply for the medal.

This document is related to the DA Form 5501 and is used for recording the percentage of body fat of a male service member.

This form - closely related to the DA Form 5500 - is used for recording the percentage of body fat of a female service member.

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