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The National Guard, also known as the National Guard form or National Guard forms, is a crucial component of the United States military. This branch of service plays a unique role in both national defense and disaster response within the country.

Whether you are a service member, a reservist, or an active member of the National Guard, it is essential to have access to the necessary resources and documentation. These documents are designed to ensure smooth operations and provide support to those serving in the National Guard.

One of the key documents is the DD Form 804-6 Medical Recruiting Advertising Resources. This form provides information on advertising resources for medical recruiting purposes. It is useful for both the active-duty military personnel and the National Guard members.

Another important document is the National Guard Armory Rental Contract. This contract is specific to South Carolina and outlines the terms and conditions for renting an armory facility. It ensures that the National Guard has appropriate spaces to train and conduct operations.

The DA Form 1506 Statement of Service is another crucial document for National Guard members. This form is used to compute the length of service for pay purposes. It provides a detailed account of the individual's service history and is vital for accurate compensation calculations.

In Montana, there is a Notice Regarding Military Service document that addresses the rights and legal protections available to individuals serving in the National Guard. It highlights the obligations employers have towards their National Guard employees and serves as a reference for both employers and service members.

Similarly, West Virginia has a specific form, Form DMV-47-NGR, for individuals looking to apply for a National Guard or Armed Forces Reserves License Plate. This form ensures that qualified National Guard members can display their affiliation proudly on their vehicles.

These documents, collectively known as the National Guard forms, play a significant role in supporting the National Guard community. They help streamline administrative processes, ensure fair compensation, protect service members' rights, and provide essential resources.




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This form is used for requesting Texas National Guard records in Austin, Texas.

The information from this form will be used to establish entitlement by eligible members of the Selected Reserve to Montgomery GI Bill Educational Assistance benefits.

This Form is used for requesting full-time National Guard duty for operation support. It is used to document and authorize the activation of National Guard service members for extended periods of time in support of operations.

This document is a summary report for recruiting resources for service in the military. It includes information for both active duty personnel, as well as those in the reserve or National Guard.

This Form is used for collecting enlisted recruiting manpower data for the Service, Active, Reserve or National Guard.

This document provides enlisted recruiting advertising resources for the Service/Active, Reserve, or National Guard. It is used to assist in attracting new recruits to join the enlisted ranks.

This form is used for collecting medical recruiting manpower data for service members in the Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard.

This Form is used for collecting officer recruiting manpower data for service, active, reserve, or national guard units.

This document is for medical recruiting advertising resources for service members in the Active, Reserve, or National Guard.

This document is used for collecting and recording personnel data for individuals enlisting in the military, including whether they are entering the service as active duty, reserve, or National Guard.

This document is a form used for accessing advertising resources for officer recruitment in the military, specifically for service members in the active duty, reserve, or National Guard.

This form is used for applying for federal recognition as an Army National Guard Officer or Warrant Officer and appointment as a Reserve Commissioned Officer or Warrant Officer of the Army in the Army National Guard of the United States.

This form is used for requesting travel for senior leaders of the National Guard who will be traveling outside of the United States.

This document is used for the agreement between a Ready Reserve member and the military to receive separation pay upon separation from service.

This document is used for the Senior Enlisted Worksheet for Army National Guard Boards for Staff Sergeant through Sergeant Major ranks. It is used to evaluate and assess the qualifications and performance of individuals for promotion consideration.

This document is a checklist used by the Air National Guard to determine eligibility for enlistment, reenlistment, or extension. It outlines the criteria that individuals must meet in order to be considered for these military actions.

This form is used for military notification in the state of Maryland. It contains information about notifying the military of a resident's deployment or military service.

This is a checklist used to make certain that troops have plans set up for the well-being of their relatives in the case of a deployment, brief duty assignment, or other events which might demand their departure.

The form is part of a series of ID cards and is used for Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Medal of Honor recipients, and former service members in receipt of retired pay along with several other categories of service members.

This form is used for requesting New Jersey National Guard's participation in public events in New Jersey.

This document is for authorizing the release of information for members of the National Guard in North Dakota.

This document is used for an individual who is being appointed as a commissioned officer to acknowledge their understanding of their duties, responsibilities, and expectations.

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