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This form is used to request a forbearance on a loan. Fill out this form to temporarily suspend or reduce your loan payments due to financial hardship.

This Form is used for applying for a Federal Plus Loan as a parent of a dependent student or as a graduate student borrower at Concordia University.

This Form is used for requesting forbearance on student loans with Campus Partners.

This is a form used by service members to request the U.S. Army to pay off a portion of their student loan. The provided information will be reviewed by the Military Service Personnel record custodian to verify that eligibility requirements are met.

This form is used for verifying employment for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. It helps borrowers apply for loan forgiveness if they work in a qualifying public service job.

This document is used for granting someone the legal authority to make financial decisions on behalf of a student applying for Alberta Student Aid in Alberta, Canada.

This form is used for providing additional information in the Student Loan Servicing Program in California. It is a supplemental request for information related to student loans.

Download this form to report the interest amount paid on a qualified student loan during the past calendar year in cases when the amount exceeded $600.

This document is used for applying for repayment assistance in Manitoba, Canada. It helps individuals who are struggling to make loan repayments to get the necessary assistance they need.

Download this form if you are an educational institution and need information about qualified tuition and related fees paid during the tax year. The information can be used by the paying student to calculate their education-related tax deductions and credits.

This document is used for requesting a deferment of unemployment benefits. It allows individuals who are currently unemployed to postpone their benefit payments for a certain period of time.

This form is used when an applicant needs to defer payments on their student loan (or decrease, modify, etc.) due to a financial hardship situation.

This document is a worksheet that helps you calculate the amount of student loan interest you can deduct from your taxes. It is explained in Publication 970, which provides information on tax benefits for education expenses.

This document is used for applying for the Smartwork Student Loan Repayment Plan in Maryland. It helps students in Maryland to apply for a student loan repayment plan offered by Smartwork.

This document examines the potential impact of the growing student debt on retirement security in the United States. It discusses how the increasing amount of student debt could potentially worsen the retirement savings gap.

This form is used for applying for borrower defense to loan repayment. It is a request to have your student loan debt forgiven due to misconduct by your school.

This document is used for requesting a forbearance, which allows the borrower to temporarily suspend or reduce their loan payments.

This Form is used for the Student Loan Repayment Program Service Agreement in the NIH2851-2 form. This document is used to establish the terms and conditions of the student loan repayment program for eligible participants.

This document provides an overview of the causes, consequences, and policy options related to the rising student loans in the United States. It is published by the Brookings Institution.

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