Free Unemployment Deferment Request Forms and Templates

What Is an Unemployment Deferment Request?

An Unemployment Deferment Request is a document filed by students who need to postpone paying back their student loans for a certain period of time. Since it is difficult to make ends meet when you are unemployed, you may have to postpone making payments on your student loans and obtain the financial reprieve needed while you avoid a default on the loan. You cannot simply stop making payments on your student loans – your loan might become delinquent and you will be in default.

You may use the Unemployment Deferment Request Form issued by the U.S. Department of Education if you are a part of a federal loan program – provide the borrower information, show your eligibility for deferment, request and certify the deferment. If you are a resident of Georgia, you may complete this request form released by the Georgia Student Finance Authority to temporarily suspend your monthly loan payments.

How to Qualify for Unemployment Deferment?

To start a deferment process, you need to formally apply for it through your student loan servicer – it is not automatic. You will have to submit documentation that proves your eligibility for the deferment. There are two ways to become eligible for unemployment deferment:

  • Prove you are currently seeking employment in the U.S. but are unable to find it at the moment. Certify you are registered with an employment agency and show you did not refuse employment because you thought you were underpaid or overqualified. Confirm you have made at least 6 diligent attempts to be employed in the last 6 months;
  • Prove your eligibility to receive unemployment benefits. Attach documentation that states your full name, address, and social security number and shows the eligibility to obtain unemployment benefits during the period of time for which you need an unemployment deferment.

Unless you request a later starting date in your request, the deferment will start on the date you officially became unemployed or stopped having full-time employment. A deferment may last for up to 6 months, and it is necessary to reapply to extend it. However, consult with your loan holder to confirm the time period of the deferment.

Where to Send Unemployment Deferment Request?

Mail the completed Unemployment Deferment Request Form to your loan company - a loan servicer that you send payments to each month. You should contact the loan holder first to know how they want to receive documentation – sometimes a simple e-mail that contains all the required information is enough. Otherwise, send a copy via certified mail with a return receipt. Retain a copy of the request for your records in case any disputes or disagreements arise in the future.

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This form is used for requesting a deferment of unemployment benefits in Georgia, United States. It allows individuals who are unemployed to temporarily suspend their job search requirements and continue receiving benefits.

This document is used for requesting a deferment of unemployment benefits. It allows individuals who are currently unemployed to postpone their benefit payments for a certain period of time.

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