Sample Student Loan Hardship Letter

Sample Student Loan Hardship Letter

A Student Loan Hardship Letter is written when a student finds they will be unable to pay for expenses related to their current education plan and need to request additional funding. This letter can be sent either to a financial institution (such as a bank or loan agency) or the financial aid department of a university. A Student Loan Hardship Letter template is available for download below.

To write a Hardship Letter for a Student Loan you will want to include the following:

  1. Name and address of the person you are sending the letter to.

  2. Subject line with the title, "Student Loan Hardship Letter."

  3. An explanation of your current financial situation, where you attend school and your major, and the total amount of money you are seeking.

    • With this you will want to include any other loans you currently have, if you are currently working, and how much your education institution costs per year.
  4. Also include any unexpected expenses, such as an illness, car accident, or loss of work.

  5. Close the letter by explaining how this additional influx of money will help you continue on with your studies and that you appreciate their consideration.

  6. Closing salutation and your full name.

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Download Sample Student Loan Hardship Letter

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