Fill and Sign U.S. Washington Headquarters Services Forms

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Washington Headquarters Services - or the WHS - is a Field Activity organized by and within the United States Department of Defense and tasked with providing management support to the department and its sub-agencies. The agency’s customers include some of the major Government agencies and Washington-based leased facilities along with the military and civilian personnel employed with the Department of Defence

The WHS is a division - otherwise referred to as a sub-office or a bureau - that operates under the Administration Directorate of the Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer and provides its administrative and operational services throughout the National Capital Region. Its main mission is to provide reliable and relevant services aimed at fulfilling the mission of the DoD.

WHS Forms

Washington Headquarters Services forms or DoD WHS forms are the forms and documents issued by the Washington Headquarters Services - a sub-agency of the U.S. Department of Defense.

WHS DD Forms and other DoD Issuances are most commonly used with all operations, administration, management, and maintenance of all processes and activities performed by and for the agency.

All of the most recent and non-controlled WHS forms and WHS directives are available for download or digital filing through the links below. Some forms are strictly e-fillable and can only be ordered through the local component of Military Service or a DoD Component Forms Management Officer.




WHS Form 2 "Staff Summary Sheet"

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WHS Form 8 "Ordering Officer Nomination"

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1 page

WHS Form 18 "Administrative Adjustment Report (Aar)"

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1 page

WHS Form 17 "Osd Records and Information Management (Rim) Pre-evaluation"

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WHS Form 16 "Aspiring Leader Program Application"

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4 pages

WHS Form 15 "Signature Authorization to Request and/or Receive Supplies and/or Equipment"

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1 page

WHS Form 12 "WHS Fire Regulations and Building Code Proposal"

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WHS Form 11 "Enterprise Services It Directorate Request for Data Transfer/Removable Media Approval"

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WHS Form 10 "Request for Overtime, Holiday Pay, Comp Time, and Credit Hours"

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"Work Order Form"

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