United States Army Corps of Engineers Forms

The United States Army Corps of Engineers is a federal agency responsible for various civil and military engineering projects. Their primary role is to provide engineering expertise and support for infrastructure development, environmental restoration, and flood control. They are also involved in maintaining and managing navigable waterways, constructing and managing dams, levees, and other water control structures. Additionally, the Corps of Engineers plays a vital role in responding to natural disasters and providing disaster recovery assistance.




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This form is used for authorized collectors, contract gate attendants, volunteer fee collectors, and fee collection contract audits.

This Form is used for auditing the Recreation Fee Cashier (RFC) and Alternate RFC (ARFC) in charge of collecting recreational fees.

This Form is used for providing information about the SADBU goal.

This form is used for conducting a life cycle cost analysis using a one-step approach to determine the present worth of a project.

This Form is used for submitting a compliance certification related to the New England District.

This document is a spreadsheet used to calculate the openness ratio. The openness ratio measures the extent to which a country's economy is open to international trade.

This Form is used for applying jointly for a certain purpose in the state of Iowa.


This form is used for transmitting shop drawings, equipment data, material samples, or manufacturer's certificates of compliance. It is a formal document that ensures the proper submission and review of these important documents.

This document is used for notifying individuals about the self-verification process.


This Form is used for requesting changes to a publication. It is used to ensure that any necessary updates or corrections are made to a document.

This document outlines the decision made regarding the Nationwide Permit 12, which is used for approving certain types of construction activities in waters of the United States.

This activity book is designed to help children learn about and prepare for floods. It includes fun and educational activities that promote safety and awareness in the event of a flood. Perfect for families living in flood-prone areas.

This type of document is used for providing a minimization plan, which outlines strategies and measures to minimize or reduce certain risks or impacts.

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