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This Form is used for requesting and ordering the termination of court jurisdiction in Michigan.

This document is used for responding to a counterclaim in a civil action in North Dakota. It allows the defendant to address the allegations made against them by the plaintiff.

This form is used for submitting a written statement of claim in the state of Vermont. It is a legal document used to initiate a lawsuit and provide a detailed account of the claims being made by the plaintiff.

This form is used for preparing a neutral case evaluation in the state of New Hampshire. It helps in gathering relevant information and documentation to present in front of a neutral evaluator for a fair assessment of the case.

This document is a Subpoena form used in Pennsylvania for legal proceedings. It is available in both English and Spanish.

This type of document is a subpoena used in the state of Pennsylvania. It is available in both English and Portuguese languages.

This document is an application for individuals interested in working as a court interpreter in the state of Maine. It is used to apply for interpreter positions in Maine courts.

This document is used for providing a sworn statement in Haitian Creole by a surety survivor in New York City. It serves as a legal affirmation of the survivor's status and responsibilities.

This document explains what a stipulation is and its legal significance in the state of Connecticut.

This type of document is a court order that states a previous posting is considered a legal service.

This document is used to request a delay or postponement of a court hearing or trial in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It is typically filed when there is a valid reason why the case cannot proceed as scheduled.

This document is used to initiate legal proceedings in DeKalb County, Illinois, requiring the named individuals to appear in court and explain why a particular action should not be taken against them.

This document provides a cheat sheet for common legal terms and their definitions. It can help you understand legal documents and conversations better.

This document is a Motion to the Court and Affidavit written in Portuguese for use in Massachusetts. It is used to request action from the court and includes a sworn statement of facts.

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