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Our legal references cover a wide range of topics, including court procedures, case filing instructions, templates for character reference letters for court, and checklists for lawyers. Whether you need assistance with preparing a character reference letter, answering a counterclaim, or identifying related cases, our legal references have you covered.

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This document provides a checklist for lawyers in Virginia to help them stay organized in their practice and ensure they are meeting all necessary requirements.

If you are asked to defend the character of a loved one in a court proceeding, you will want to use a letter such as this to help support your case.

This document is used for identifying related cases in Washington, D.C. It serves as an addendum to provide additional information about the connections between different cases.

This document is a legal order of reference issued by Oneida County, New York. It is used in legal proceedings to refer to previous documents or evidence that may be relevant to a case.

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