Sample Character Reference Letter for Court

Sample Character Reference Letter for Court

If you are asked to defend the character of a loved one in a court proceeding, you will want to write a Character Reference Letter for Court . This letter will be read by a judge presiding over the case and will be used to assess the integrity of the person the letter is about. A Sample Character Reference Letter for Court can be found through the link below.

To write a Character Reference Letter for Court, include the following details:

  1. Your full name and mailing address.

  2. Today's Date

  3. Memo line with the name of the individual and court matter

  4. Opening salutation addressing the Honorable Judge and the judge's name.

  5. Begin writing why you are writing this letter on behalf of the person who requested it. Explain your relationship to them (such as a former teacher, friend, and such).

    • Your goal for the letter is to paint the subject of the letter in the best light possible and explain the potential reasons for their actions or any regret they express.
  6. Close your letter by restating your support of the person you are writing for and how you would like this person to respond to your letter.

  7. Closing salutation and your name.


Sample Character Reference Letter for Court - For a DUI

From: Anne Reeves

9 South Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44121

To: The Honorable Judge Lorax

Second District Courthouse

22 Larimer Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44193

Dear Judge Lorax,

My name is Anne Reeves, and I am writing this letter on behalf of my friend, Michael Collins - his case is currently under your examination (for reference, the number of the case is 2022/174-33).

I have known Michael for the last five years - he joined the accounting firm Wheeler & Williams I work for and became my colleague. After a few months, our relationship became friendly - our families get together almost every weekend, and due to working side by side for a long time I believe I am able to describe his character truthfully.

Last week Michael has informed me of the reason he missed work the next day after we met for a dinner at the restaurant to celebrate the promotion of his wife - unfortunately, he had a lapse of judgment and got into a car accident while being under the influence of alcohol. While no one was injured, it is unacceptable Michael drove his vehicle in this condition - and he knows this better than anyone. I see genuine remorse for this conduct - after talking to his family and friends, he scheduled a therapy appointment to determine whether there are any underlying issues he must address.

I do not doubt my friend will continue to right the wrongs he has caused - Michael has demonstrated his persistence, positive attitude, and desire for self-improvement over the years we have known each other. He wants to put this case behind him and move forward, and I hope you will take my opinion into account when making your verdict in the case.

Best wishes,

Anne Reeves

Sample Character Reference Letter for Court - For a Friend (Court Reference Letter)

From: Loretta Swanson

44 Russell Street

Davenport, Iowa 52748

To: The Honorable Judge Stevenson

Davenport City Courthouse

5 Brita Avenue

Davenport, Iowa 52802

Dear Judge Stevenson,

My name is Loretta Swanson. My close friend Jessica Masters asked me to provide a characteristic for her custody hearing (case number 2645-822) - she wants to have primary custody of her child, Katie, once her divorce is finalized.

I am aware Jonathan - Jessica's soon-to-be ex-husband - is considering a move to a different city to pursue a new job opportunity which is why they are trying to determine the best way to raise their daughter. I have lived next door to the Masters family for the last four years, and I have been able to witness their child grow her entire life. Jessica is a wonderful mother - she spends all her free time with her daughter and even asked her employer to let her work from home to take care of Katie every day. She is a person devoted to her family - her mother and sisters visit every few days. I can tell you they are a loving family, and Katie will have every chance to prosper in this environment.

I am sure it is in Katie's best interests to stay in the only home she has ever known with her mother - she will be able to see her extended family often, she can stay at school and spend time with her friends, and it would be reasonable for her to visit her father during school holidays so that her life is not disrupted. I hope you keep my opinion of Jessica and her life circumstances in mind when making a decision in her case.


Loretta Swanson

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